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gacha life role play
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hello this setting is very new x3333 so basically wer are all high school students and we are meeting anyways LETS GO!!!!! I awake in the morning and yawn "i want to go meet my friends" i get dressed and eat breakfast and say bye to my mom and she says "be careful on your way to school Gachazuo" "ok mom" and i run and almost get there late "phew" ii open the locker and get my books and all, now its time you show up
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wHAT DO YOU MEAN AGAIN i mean "hello hell o ally of justice san how are you doig ? :33" i say making a literal kitty face
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"hello susie chan san sama awuuuuu which one do i cal you?" i roll on the floor cuz im sconfused "sana chan yyyyy" she beats me and i stay on the floor and im blushing becuz sana is a crush oa
"Idek know what Gacha Life is." I am hiding in the female sports locker for comedic effect. "No one will find me here."
hello I am walog walog make imaeg of chalk out of Light. For you.
What is happening right now? I mean, it is definitely chaotic and sporadic, like an average gacha life video.
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nooo" yells in pain and then comically grabs you by the lag and pulsl you down and then i fal too and mistakenly brush your buttt "oh no im saorry sana chan uwuuuuu"

“...tch” kade sits in theh bacjn of the classfroom and frowns edgily. he cant let anyone get close to him bc hes secretly an emo boy with a tracig past!1!! je bumps into the shye gal as he goes out to da fabafroom bc hes feelin sad
"helo everyone!!!!!! :3333333cccccccc" CANDY THE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY CATFOX falls on hwr face running into the classroom, so klutzy xdddddddddd!!!!
AHHHHHHHH Susie snorts the light, somehow GOOD SHIT, KING!!! As her nose bleed, while giving walog a thumbs up OK, NOW I CAN BEAT UP NERDS!
"ha ha fucking idiot" gets secretly aroused but puts flash on and blinds kazuo with phone camera "i will send these to sen-bitchass so you will get restraining ordered"
Also, is all you're english intentionally bad? Anyways. Jessica walks up to Kazuo and Sanna and says: "What in My fathers name (William Afton) are you two doing?"
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why is your father called william mafton? hello tamakamaki jessica number 1 im gachauo
*walog make one more chalk box* go ge t get them champion
ur dad sounds gay lmao gets up and pushes gachazuo into the dirt call me gachana hotter than havana, better than your wackass katanas
"the arcnaa is the means by wich all is reveled" a large bird man would fly into the scene "i have com to end this poinless charde"
"nuh! No on gonn hurt any1! ÒwÓ" CANDY THE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY CATFOX pulls out her keeblayde and kills nixx wif one strike because she so perfect and smexy uwuwuwuwuwuwu
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oh no its nyx!!! cmon friends we need to beat it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbhz0O0dAyk lets fight yeah" i hit nyx with my giant sword the godslayer "heh you picked the wrpng place"
one, because it can be, and two, how did you know my weapon is a katana?
lets what ur made of shoots self so hard it hits nyx and makes him feel bad
A young woman with pink hair down to her shoulders would wander into the building, looking around absently for a moment before she spots... Whatever the hell is going on here this morning. She just stares blankly at Kazuo and Sana who look oddly worse quality than she'd expect of them, and sighs heavily while pulling her phone out before making a call. "Hi Homura! Yeah uh, could you swing back? Huh uh, yup I'm leaving today. Something's super weird and I have no desire to get involved for once. Thanks sweetie!" The Persona user would just... Turn around without uttering a word to anyone present, she doesn't know what's happening and she doesn't care either. She's got a ride out and will be gone soon enough. There's just one phrase muttered under her breath before exiting the building. "This site is cancer." Leaves
What in hell's name is even going on here?
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my grilfreind has mental powers hess" kazuo say as he keeps attacking and cuts nyx in half "she can read when i wsant us to have intercourse"
Susie grabs the box NOW I GOT NOTHING TO WORRY! NOW WHOS FIRST? She sets hers eyes on Candyrainbowcatfox YOU'RE GAY ENOUGH, COME MEET MY FISTS!!
walog kills sana to start drama with his gun bird death take soul

ak would appar in waflee rainbows of dooooom!!! hewwo evewybody did someone caww fow a doctow? owo
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i have 4 girlfreinds
dies twice and summons two eyes that turn into sana again bird man gay, i will explode myself onto him thinks about kazuo so hard she self-combusts onto nyx
nyx is now invinicble after being cut in half "i am death. come meet me inside of moon" nyx is now the moon
Jessica sighs, then: "Izanagi-no-Okami, just end this quick."
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yoOOAOOOOOOO" I say my battle cry as i punch the moon hard from the earth and shatter it "i have 5 girelfend"
Jessica then leaves to let her persona deal with this.
the moon is now ded. the earth is now doomed do to the ocean being messed up

injects iaznagi nod oakmi with the gay hewe you go mistew uwu
walog aim gun at moon dps time everyone I use well puts heal well down to dps moon gun
sana eats moon and tranforms into other girl "i am literature" novella is here
walog kill literature I am book reader consider self read
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novella chan my seconds grrilfriend!!!! :33333 gachazup noddgese on gachavella and reads her eyes "your my favorite book"
*At the sight of Izanagi No Okami, a Guzzlord can be heard screaming in the distance.* Oh wait, wrong thread. Well, this thread is Cancer anyway, *Leaves*
(edited by Fayth)
"but kazuo" looks in gachazuis eyes "word is dead" gets shot by walog and dies
"tehe i have 1072862861990463817 boyfren and gorlfrin hahahaha!" CANDY THE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY CATFOX laighs at pathetic kazua hahahahha
Hello nya~ I'm Ene-cat nya~ WIll work for foof and games.
soon walog cooks egg and it hatch into famous demon what is demon I do not know heeheehee
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"noOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO " TTTTTTT______TTTTTTTT gachazuo uses his powers and a revives gachavella "my seconds grilfriend revie"
she cannot come back walog explain when I kill they are kill for no more than ever shoot corpse again
"ha ha kazuo, you shouldve known" kicks face and spits on stupid boy "u only have 1 girlfriend nd its meee"
Gachapollo appears and smisl at gahazuo "wwat is up gachazuo chan i am vry smmarete "
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noo i have more girflreidn cuz i edeserver it like miss sumeragacha n sen kazuo fumes on the floor and rolls and he pets the kitty cat near there called enem
Nyan~ Give me food mi new slav. Slave give foof or else die. OWO
"your common sense annoys me" steals cat and throws at kazuo
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oh nyoooo "cat crashes on my fce and i bush so i kick the cat in a comical way so theyr fly in to the sky and become a star"
CANDY THE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY CATFOX makes a boofay for N A and its so sexy and hot and delecioaaas
JE JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE You SHould not have Donez tha
"wow i love stars, kazuo, how did you know" anime blushes and stops beating idiot boy to show .1 seconds of affection
Megolovania beginz to plays Time to kill all hoomins nya~ Ene launches meteors at schools cuz skool suckz she then stabbity stabs kazuo wit knifu
(edited by Susie)
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but the destruction was reversed by gachazuo persona, he hold sana by the waists and say "not today u bad kittyz kaT" he fight ene by unching meetor and then dodging with abakcflip the stab
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i cando evrything because my name is felix and i fix it
"man i hates skool fuuck" instantly hates gachazuo again "thot senses threw the roof, die gato" throws ene at kazuo like the last cat
walog use antipersona gun and shoot school I am sorry my sister
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nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i dodge the cat and then the bullet and eat the buullet and spit it at walogfd and i win "i am the "
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stong edited by kazuo_takaraha
bullet was anti strong poison you are dead now
walog is also dead because bullet and his body explode killing all f*males in the world because he made a pact with Jupiter
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You know, I learned something today. We all had a lot of fun in today's episode but sometimes, sometimes you have to reach out to the people watching you. So remember everyone at home, say it with me, say "Not". Together, we can win this battle. See you next week!
now a word from our sponsors Have you ever had the problem where you? British! This is why we here at gacha life highschool use condoms STAYSAFE
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