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Shibuya: The Occult Case of the Doll of Dreams
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[It had taken less than 10 minutes to get there; it wasn't a difficult place to find, especially for Kosei students. Truth is that the rumors about this place had reached it faster than it did anywhere, but the stories were always different. That the place was cursed; that it was built on top of a massive grave; that it had become connected to another world; and that even a demon had taken full control of this area. If you've heard of Shibuya's Muromachi Apartments, then a a dozen different stories will surface. As such, anyone curious enough could and might show up.] "...I liked the pictures better." [The Muromachi Apartment complex had a terrible vibe by looks alone. While all the other buildings around it were well kept while this one barely had any paint on. Pure concrete walls with decaying color that had fallen to the side, on top of the long, dried out grass and dead trees standing by the entrance. A lone man would brush the fallen leaves into a large pile, right next to the statue of a weeping angel, on the apartment's courtyard, which is connected to the completely barren parking lot. Three floors, and no more human life beyond who seemed to be the caretaker.] This one already has 5 people so taking 2 more tops in case you wanna jump in
The Solar stares forward at this place, what a seemingly normal building... But so was school so that means less than nothing in truth. She won't be making any assumptions about the nature of whatever is happening with so little accurate info. "So all we know for sure is weird shit happens here, right? Could try and ask the caretaker but I doubt he'd wanna talk to a bunch of weirdos like us... Though, maybe one of us could get him to chat a bit." She'd give Mal a slight glance, money is such a lame way of getting people to do things. But some old probably underpaid guy who works a job like this? Yeah it might just work out fine here, not that she's going to ask the girl to do it outright. The implication is there, and she can do as she wants with it.
"That's how it always is. They always try to angle everything perfectly for those pictures. This place still gives me a bad feeling, like I can feel the misfortune pouring out from within. I really wish I couldn't feel things like that at times like this..." Gad seemed to consider something for a moment. He seemed somewhat worried and a lot more anxious than usual. "M-maybe it would be better if I went off on my own to investigate. I-I'm not the best in groups with things like this. I tend to draw all the luck away from everyone else..."
Jessica, in her original spirit forme, with orange and purple hair and green eyes. arrives on the scene, still in her Shujin academy uniform from yesterday, immediately notices the intimidating aura around the entire property, also sensing only one lifeform, but, besides him, there is no other lifeforms here, atleast not yet, so she decides to look around the property.
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Except you Jessica, nothing personal
Mayuki Neko, who would become a transfer kosei high school student in a few weeks, takes a walk there with her phone as a map to know directions to kosei high school, unluckily her phone didn't have enough battery that neko forgot to charge it up last night, she is pretty much nervous but annoyed because this happens at times like these, so to search any nerby places that has a phone charger or any sort of source of electricity so that she can turn her phone on, she went ahead to that place, well... On luck she found that place unaware of whatever that is...
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Apollo smiles at Gad, not really taking him seriously "I don't really believe in things like luck, but it's your call dude. As for the rest of us, why don't we use the same group as last time? That should save a few minutes of deciding."
Miss Sumeragi would arrive to the seen late, contrary to what she'd stated prior. Of course, it was no mystery considering she carried a frappuccino in her hands and was sipping it loudly like a moron. She'd also brought along an extremely tall shinai bag which would look rather familiar to anyone who'd been around during the last investigation. "I'm sure there's no harm in talking to a caretaker! Besides, we might get the police called on us if someone catches us snooping around. Despite the circumstances this is a residential area." She raised an eyebrow at Gad and chuckled, giving him a hearty pat on the back. "C'mon, lighten up! We'll be fine, even if you do draw the luck away from us! What's gonna happen, we're gonna get a hole punched through our collective noggins? It'll be fine!"
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[Kazuo rubs the back of his head as he listen to what everyone else has to say.] "At the very least, I think we should get permission to look through the place. I think it's illegal to just...look around for no reason." [But then again, the legality of many of their actions is questionable at best. Without much else to do, Kazuo would pass through the front gate and leave it open for the rest to pass as well. From there, they can check out the rest of the courtyard and parking lot. The front gates into the apartment itself are closed. The old man too seemed to have noticed they are there but doesn't exactly care much just yet.]
"Here, I'm sure I can talk him into it." Emi cleared her throat and walked towards the old man, wearing her best used car saleswoman smile and a bow of her head. "Good evening, sir! My name is Emi Sumeragi and I'm a teacher at Kosei High School. I'm here with our school's Occult Club to investigate some odd circumstances around the building. Would you be willing to let us investigate the premises?" She was well aware just how exceptionally stupid she sounded asking for permission for an Occult Club, but she was hoping that name dropping Kosei was enough to convince the man.
Gad would do little more than just follow everyone else. He seemed to focus the most on observing the conversation that was being had with the caretaker. If worse comes to worse he could try some of his own diplomacy but he'd rather only resort to that if absolutely needed.
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On her way to the gate, she found everyone else there, that could be a very good opportunity to ask any nearby phone charger around here, she took a deep breath so she can take her usual personality into action. "Hey, do you know if there's any electricity, or at least a place where I can charge my phone?" she asked the old man, she had her cold face and the cold look around, although she asked this kindly, her voice tone and the way she talked may leave a scary impression to the old man. Until... She noticed some woman who is also approaching the old man and asked something about investigating and occult club? That left a confused expression on neko.
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[The Carretaker would stop brushing the leaves to turn to Emi, who was an awfully tall woman with white hair and a scar, scaring him at first and probably almost giving him a heart attack. He didn't seem to be doing well, all in all.] Caretaker: "Lady you shouldn't scream on people's faces!" [He straightens his back slowly as to not force himself to much.] Caretaker: "Kosei, you say? I didn't know schools allowed pointless clubs like that but..." [The man wanted to say something but then kept quiet. He would get back to work right away.] Caretaker: "Sure but don't stay here after the sun goes down. If you're all school kids then go wild, just don't break anything or disturb the people living here... not that there's many anymore." [It was then when Mayuki approached. The old man shrugged and pointed towards the main entrance to the building.] Caretaker: "There's a lot of plugs in the reception. Just use any."
"k-kosei...? You didn't mean the school that I'll be in---? " after hearing the conversation more clearly, she knows now this woman must be some teacher from that same school, she can't help but tremble in fear that this teacher would be weird if someone like that student that she can be easily recognised from a picture of paper or anything, when she thought about that while saying it, she'll be in trouble if she was found out that Neko herself is from a break from her school back home. "o-oh, thanks old man" while trembling from her, she still acts all cool with her calm expression, she looked again at that teacher for a second and closed her eyes. "w-well then, I'll go to the main entrance now" she opened her eyes and she walk fast to the main entrance to charge her phone as soon as possible before she gets found out.
"Ah! S-Sorry, I-I forget myself sometimes. Thank you very much for your cooperation! I promise I'll keep my students reigned in as much as possible!" She offered another quick bow before beckoning her students forward. While she was walking, she grabbed a small lock of her pale hair and sighed. "I'm so spoiled with you all that I neglect my ghostly form. Hopefully I don't get us into any trouble~!" Emi quickly regained her energetic smile, briefly scanning over the apartment complex. "Yup! That's some spooky stuff right there! Prime location to shoot a horror movie or something. Be sure to keep it down and try not to spook the residents! If our info is correct, everyone here's probably super on edge."
{Malloryn, who was mostly on her phone during Emi's conversation with the caretaker, smiled as she shifted through a stack of dollar bills in her hand silently, looking at nothing in particular as if there was some kind of camera she was staring at. After Emi left to investigate, she did her best to make herself look like she didn't belong to any of the Kosei gang despite wearing the uniform.} "Salutations!~ I can tell that you've clearly took a lot of time giving this verdant little land a very welcoming appearance. This is an...apartment complex, correct? May I pay for a room? Oh, and don't worry about the extra yen~" {The school girl that almost appeared not to be a part of any school offered to give a hefty amount of yen to the caretaker in hopes she accepts it. Clearly it would be better if she were a resident rather than a student to get more familiar, right?}
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"I don't know, I think I could get used to living in a place like this... given enough time." [Now that they are allowed to move anywhere inside the complex within reason, it should be easy to go from one place to another. The Caretaker would turn to look at Malloryn and her ridiculous amount of money. He shrugs.] Caretaker: "I don't mind what you do if you pay for it. You can buy an apartment if you want but just this once I'll let you test the thing. If you can afford to last the night and like it I'll talk to the owner so you can actually sign a contract with him. The keys are at the reception, pick whichever you liked, they are all the same." [Suddenly, Malloryn gained permission to have an entire apartment to themselves for the night.]
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The main building has three floors. The first floor is made up of the reception and in-door pool inside a large room in the back with windows to the rest of the courtyard and the badly kept garden. The residences themselves would be on the second floor and third. There are no cameras anywhere. There would be a map for the building on a wall behind the reception desk with all the apartment numbers, which one is taken, and which aren't and how the building itself is laid out. From the looks of it, although it doesn't have too many apartments, they are very spacious. There are several books of all kinds on top of the desk, lying there, some open, others their bookmarks in between pages. Right under the map are the keys for each vacant apartment. Mayuki will find a plug right behind the reception desk, luckily with the desk's chair right next to it. It looks very comfy. The courtyard was as one would expect, as lifeless as it gets. The statue of the weeping angel holds an empty base, and the large platform under it is covered in old leaves and some mud. It was right in the center of the area with paving stone walkways leading to it from the parking lot and main building, dusty but with weirdly lively colors near the statue. Unless checked, more specific details will be difficult to figure out.
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[Kazuo goes up to the door leading inside the building but stops himself, turning to face the rest of the group.] "Actually, I'll stay here and try to get more information out of the caretaker. I have the feeling he knows more than he lets on. I'll see if certain situations or terms sound any familiar to him. You guys should check the rest." [Says Kazuo, clearing his throat as if to change from his casual mode to a colder approach to situations. So, he would approach the caretaker and make conversation with him. It seems like both will be busy for the time being.]
Gad would walk in somewhat absent-mindedly. He'd mostly be trying to investigate which apartments were vacant or not. That would be the most immediately suspicious thing after all. it was hard to imagine this building had any living occupants unless they were complete psychos. Of course, given how he wasn't paying much attention. He wasn't even sure if he'd end up at his intended destination at all.
Neko's happiness started to raise after she saw the charger, plugged her phone into it as the phone started to boot up, it is still at 1%, she sat, she felt comfy with that chair and a happy sigh has been brethren outside her mouth. "man...it has been a long road" she can't beileve she got tired already because of how crowded outside, but rather when she saw that 'teacher' she knows she has to avoid that so there can't be any suspicion of a student being absent back home before transferring here. ... It has been already seconds... The phone is still charging, her tablet is inside her jacket but she doesn't want to waste any battery in it... A little walk can't hurt her at least. Leaving her phone with being still charged behind, neko decided to explore a 'little' bit of this floor. She saw a desk, although she isn't interested in books, it is weird that books are just lying around, she picked the book with the bookmark and gave it to the page where there was the bookmark at.
"I'll go investigate around the premises and see if there's anything in plain sight for us to see. For all we know, this might be a bit of an Occam's Razor!" Not one to leave any of her students entirely alone, she made sure the route she was taking wasn't too far from anyone in particular, simply circling around the building and looking for anything outside that may be of use.
"Thank you very much, sir!" {The rich schoolgirl would give the caretaker the money, because he obviously asked for it, before going in. Like everyone loosely checking the premises, Malloryn did the same. Her heels tapped in the room as she walked without care. Her eyes glanced everywhere around her, mainly looking for the reception so that she can get the keys for her temporary night.} {However...maybe seeing some apparitions along the way would be useful. Maybe.}
"Occam's Razor?" Apollo would follow Emi, politely walking besides and quietly whispering to get her attention. "Um, Sumeragi-sensei..." He would raise his voice after getting her attention, speaking at an appropriate level for conversation. "You know, idioms aren't really my forte. So, what exactly did you mean by the term 'Occam's Razor'?"
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Gad would easily go where he was hoping to go, as luck would have it. Just this once. By checking the building map, he would learn that almost the entirety of the building was vacant, with the exception of 4 apartments. Numbers 204, 205, 210 and 302. Finally, there were 10 apartments per floor not counting the first. Mayuri would reach out to take one of the many books, the one with the brown leather cover and open it. The page details multiple methods and rituals to keep evil spirits away from one's own home, by using charms and all types of prayers; however, the reader had crossed most of those out, with only a few still not having been given this treatment. Malloryn then would have the choice to pick any apartment that wasn't the ones previously mentioned. Emi (followed by Apollo) would check the surroundings of the complex, but for the most part, beyond confirming the dreadful state of the area, couldn't find out much else. As the sky get darker, three windows light up from the second floor, but nothing from the third.
"Can't believe people actually would choose to live in a place like this. Well, makes the whole investigating thing easier." With that said Gad would choose to investigate the occupied apartments first. If people were still here they'd likely have more to say about the state of the building and whether or not this place was even haunted in the first place. Of course, he wasn't completely sure where he was going and would likely simply just hope to stumble upon one of the occupied apartments upon scaling the floors.
The Solar shrugs a bit while watching most of the group split off... Eh, that's fine then. She'll just do her own thing for now she supposes, the young woman would walk over to the crying angle statue and begin examining it more closely. Eyes gleaming slightly as she not only looks over it, but begins staring into the realm of spirits ghosts and other such ephermeal beings as well. She somehow doubts that this stonework is posesseed by something and waiting for a chance to attack them, but it doesn't exactly take much effort to check the thing over for such creatures anyways so Hikari doesn't feel any harm in being sure just in case.
"Occam's Razor, my dear Apollo-kun, is a principle stated by William of Ockham in around 1200 which states that the simplest option is usually the correct one! In this case however, I highly doubt it. That principle was made to apply to the real world, not ghosts." Emi wasn't too surprised by the awful state of the building. She took note of the lights turning on, however, making a mental note of the one floor that remained dark. "Whatever is cursing this building, I'm sure the lack of consistent maintenance is making it feel well at home. Looks like if there's anyone living on the third floor, they're not home." She looked for the nearest entrance to the building and started for the third floor, but not before checking to see if Apollo was going to follow her or not.
Neko didn't understand what is this other than that this is something like a ritual to make the demons go away, as if it is an occult thing... Wait.... She knows the word occult but she felt like she heard that word today before... Wait.... IT DIDN'T MEAN IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS TEACHER AND THE REST OF THE CREW IN WHICH THEY ARE KOSEI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH HER? it rang screamingly inside her head, she seems to be more troubled than usual, those are students from kosei high school, and this is the school that she'll move, she should've moved to shujin high instead of this one all along, well... She got no choice then about moving but right now, she'll care about exploring the area a little bit more because it has been just minutes right now. So she closed the book, she walked through every apartment on this floor, she came to think that she has to yet to know which place she should be staying for her first year at kosei.
"Good luck everyone." {The girl would mumble to nobody in particular, leaving everyone in the dust to go check out her new apartment. Whether or not this was a smart investment is yet to be discovered.Instead of letting the keys be out and about to jingle in the presumably quiet halls of an apartment complex inching away from being labelled as 'barren', Malloryn decides to take the keys and put it in her purse. Afterwards, she'd merely go to the third floor of the apartment complex, as she has now chosen the room '306'.}
Apollo nods, considering every word carefully. "Is that right? Well, it's worth considering. For one, most of what we encounter seems to come straight out of the writings and artwork of man. It's almost as if the belief itself gives them form." Apollo would indeed follow behind Sumeragi-sensei.
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Gad would decide to check the second floor by going up the stairs find himself right in front of apartment 205. The door to it had a plaque with the word "Asuka" on it. It was a bit dust on the edges, but one wouldn't notice unless they stared at it for long enough. The floor right in front of it was spotless however, and so is the general area, while a lot of the other doors are comparatively dustier. Emi and Apollo instead would go past the second floor and directly towards the third floor. Once there, they would fine that the dust particles were floating around them, and most of the doors had nothing on top of them, except for apartment 302. Unlike the rest of the doors, it had a ringing bell and a sign right under saying "Ring the bell. Drop the package. Ring again if it needs signing. Leave." and then comes Malloryn, holding a key to the apartment right next to it, just as dusty as the rest of the floor. Finally, Mayuri would check the rest of the first floor, and beyond the reception she would find double doors leading directly towards a large pool, and in front of it apartment 101, with a plaque that reads "Nagai/Caretaker." Less important than the other two, she would find the door for the storage that holds all the cleaning equipment and gardening tools. Hikari would approach the crying angel statue and use her strange eye ability that I should've probably considered. Anyways, by using it she was not able to find any particular spirit or being, but traces of something happening around the statue, past the large platform, on top of the paving stone around the statue. It would be the now old and barely hard to make out remnants of scribbles, the drawing of multiple shapes with multiple and lively colors. It's impossible to tell what it was all about, but the remnants of demonic energy, similar to the one she felt when dealing with Kodomo the Kodama.
"hm.... This place seemed to be an apartment, but to have a swimming pool and rooms like these... Tokyo is really strange" Neko is impressed of how amazing this building is, but she is confused of why those people of kosei high school are really curious for something like these, although she can agree the book she read earlier was really strange and looked so ritual-y. Neko went to the reception desk and picked up her phone, the phone's battery is about 65%, she can use it now. For now, she has to go and see the old man and ask whatever is going on over there. She left the main entrance to find the old man.
{Malloryn goes up to the third floor with the keys in her hand. She disregards whatever her comrades are doing for the moment in favor of checking up on her temporary living space. Whether or not this investment would be a bad one can only be told by time.} "Mmm, dust particles. Good thing I brought my tissues." {The girl says, entering the apartment room whilst sneezing into said tissues. Whatever and however the room looked, the first thing she did was turn on her lights and look out the window to see the outside, where she'd rather be than this dump.}
Gad would stare at the door for a second, wondering if anyone was here even. They could possibly be out of the house right now...Though that really brought up the question of how they had the time to clean so much. "Well...Nothing else to do here..." He'd simply knock on the door wondering if he should try giving a command to anyone listening. of course, he felt that would be excessive for the moment. He simply wanted to see if there was any response at all first.
"So there is or at least was something weird running around here... This looks old though, could it be gone by now? Or maybe it just hasn't come to this area recently, no telling for the moment but I guess I should keep my eyes open." The young woman would sigh slightly, eyes still gleaming as she absently begins walking towards the reception desk herself. Huh, someone that ain't from the club just wandering around this place? That's a bit odd, even while distracted by staring into the world beyond normal sight she'd still greet them with a curious look on her face. "Yo, what brings you to a place like this? If you've come to look into the rumors I'm not gonna stop you or anything, but if that's not the case ya might wanna get going soon." There's also the fact she doesn't really make any sound while entering, and simply begins speaking without thought in fact. One might be a bit startled by the apperance of a tall white-haired girl out of seemingly nowhere. Not that she realizes this at the time.
Emi pulled her coat over her mouth, letting out several hacking coughs from the horrific air quality considering the dust. "Damn! I feel like I lost a year out of my life just by existing up here! This place could be as holy as a church and people would still avoid it like the plague." It was impossible for her to ignore the one apartment that actually seemed to have an occupant. She tip-toed towards the apartment door, examining it for a peep-hole or opening of any sort that would allow her to see inside. If there were none, she'd go the straightforward route and knock.
Apollo would be unaffected by the air, able to function without the need for breathing at all. Besides that, he would notice Emi go up to the door, listening in. "Huh? Is one year of your life really so important? That doesn't seem like that much time to me..." He would then focus on the apartment itself, waiting as if expecting a response on the other side.
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Took me long enough, here ya guys go And so Gad would knock on the door, immediately having a response of some kind as someone on the other side makes a loud noise, as if startled. Then comes laughter and footsteps approaching, slowly opening the door. Older woman: "Ah~ Akira is it-" She was wearing glasses and her long hair was already turning grey. Even so, she didn't have too many wrinkles and instead, had awful bags under her eyes. Older woman: "Excuse me, I thought it was the neighbor. What may I help you with, young man? Do you need anything?" Sadly for Emi, there was nothing she could use to see through the door of apartment 302. What does happen however, is the sound of a loud groan coming from the other side of the door, but no footsteps. Someone was inside, but they were trying to ignore both Emi and Apollo. Malloryn on the other hand would take the key to apartment 306 and have an easy time getting through the door. She would find a much nicer location, full of furniture and even random decorations that didn't particularly combine with one another. To the right are boxes of all sizes with seemingly abandoned belongings. The apartment itself had a really ample living room with large window to a nearby park. The kitchen was directly connected to the living room, there were two bathrooms, one in the master bedroom and the other in the corridor that connects the master bedroom with two other smaller bedroom and the living room. There was a large couch, which had an equally large rolled futon on top; two people could easily sleep in it Mayuki would have an easy time finding the old man, who was currently chatting with the pale, brown haired Kosei student as he keeps checking a book on his right hand, however, Hikari would get in her way, questioning her as she did. It may be worth nothing Hikari could see the same remnants all over the building. Faint, but pulsating. The more the sun goes down, the more notorious it becomes, enveloping the building further, the pulsations becoming faster.
As she saw the old man on her way, she saw another kosei high school student who is checking the book, she can't help but to be a little angry that those people from kosei are still here and will get her way into finding out to the teacher about Neko herself. little did she know, the precence of a white hair girl is this hikari's appearnce, did i describe it correctly???? shocked her from behind, she turns behind as she find out a taller girl, not that she would hate her for appearing out of nowhere, but she is a bit annoyed of how tall she is than her. "ugh, what do you want?!" angry enough, the startled neko was frowned enough to yell when this girl surprised her from behind at the moment she turns. "rumour? What do you mean?" still angry, neko is confused about which rumour was she talking exactly, local rumour? Internet rumour? An anonymous rumour? Neko doesn't get it. "I was simply here to charge my dead phone" neko settles her voice down, her anger was settled quickly down as her cold eyes was still there all the time, still her eyebrows are a bit down meaning she is still angry.
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"How nice of this place to give me a reason why I could change my mind." {The girl looked out the window to see the park that was nearby, scouting to see some other faces that might not know this place exists at all. Or rather, will never go here due to the rumors. Malloryn thinks about how her classmates are doing, and sighs out.} "Still not living here though. Someone else deserves it more." {Realizing the place's vibes weren't as off as the front, she puts her belongings down with no worry, resting her purse on a table nearby but taking her phone with her. She took some glances at the tacky decorum and nods her head, thinking of it as a common Japanese style. The first place Malloryn looks is the kitchen where she checks to see if there is a random sharp object. While she would have gone to check the bathrooms and the upstairs, her inspection is delayed when notices the boxes to her right, most likely of things that were never hers. Instead of rummaging immediately, she checks for any labels or tags that might name who it could possibly belong to.}
Gad was almost a little surprised someone had answered but it seemed more likely than not to him that whoever lived here had a lot of time on their hands. "Sorry to disturb you. I'm actually from the school nearby. I was told to write a report on places with rumors around them. I think it was some kind of assignment to help us differentiate true and fake stories." He'd pretend to be confused before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a notepad he had with him from school along with a pen. "I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about this building since it's the subject to a lot of rumors."
Seeing that whoever was behind the door wasn't keen on replying to her knocks she decided to at least try to communicate with whoever was there. "Hello? I'm sorry to bother you. My name is Emi Sumeragi, I'm with the Kosei High School Occult Club! We've learned of some pretty suspicious stuff happening in this area and we want to help. Would you happen to know anything that could help us?" She wasn't confident that someone who apparently refused to even speak to delivery men to speak to her, but it was worth trying. She even went through the trouble to comb her hair down a little to try to look presentable.
Apollo seems slightly agitated by the lack of a response, thinking Emi's attempts to be a little ridiculuous compared to his own methods. He would lower his voice a little, attempting to not be heard by the tenet. "This is getting us nowhere. If you'd like, I could just sneak into the room via its shadows."
The Solar would blink slightly... Charge her phone? What a weird place to do that, but alright. "Ah, I guess you haven't heard then. Supposedly people around here have a habit of vanishing, it's a local story that I can't confirm the truth of, but this city is pretty weird so these things usually have a grain of truth." She'd then blink a bit, smiling despite the girl's anger and snapping her finger a bit. "Anyway sorry about that introduction, name's Hikari Akimoto. Local high school student and hobbyist investigator of sorts, nice meeting you. You new around the area?" That first impression could have gone better, but the girl isn't incapable of just... Barreling through with a charming grin on her face and a cheery tone that seems legitmantely pleasant rather than mocking. How much that is her, and how much is her power, is franky a pointless question to her mind.
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The woman would seem worried at first, but would continue with the same calm tone. Old woman: "That uniform, "Kosei", I see those students pass by all the time. I understand now." At the mention of the rumors, her unease grows, now notorious on her face. However, she decides to get right to it, right after checking her watch. Old woman: "I have time, so ask away. Make sure to leave before the sun goes down, okay? It could get dangerous." She was willing to speak, and the concern was genuine too.
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Emi and Apollo would receive an answer right away. Young woman: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I don't accept your apology. Unless it's something important I'm not opening the door. If something suspicious is going on then let the police do their job and stop bothering me!" Although the young woman was being loud, her voice was strangely cold, without a single hint of emotion. Right after her reply, she would go back to whatever it was she was doing locked inside her apartment. Meanwhile, Malloryn would find nothing of use by looking through the kitchen. Everything there was completely empty. Then, by checking the boxes, she notices that the labels and tags are all different. Some have letters from A to D and then skip to Z, while others are in numerical order. There are no names.
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As expected, Hikari and Mayuki engage in conversation. No new details are revealed, but the sun keeps going down. It wouldn't be long before the sun is gone, making way for the night sky. Kazuo and the old man two keep up with their own conversation.
"Now now, Apollo-kun! Your eagerness is appreciated but having special powers doesn't mean you can go breaking into anyone's home just because you feel like it. Besides, if you get caught that's a breaking and entering charge on my head, and you're not exactly a very subtle person." Assuming there was nothing else of note on the 3rd floor, she'd move towards the second floor, hoping she could make more progress on the investigation there. "I'm sure that woman will be instrumental in our investigation going forwards, but coaxing her into assisting us is our number one priority. It'd do no good to potentially burn a bridge with her by breaking in, especially if her information is what we're looking for."
Neko would actually feel bad for being arrogant at Hikari but she doesn't know how to react to all of these... It is getting pretty much worse already, she knows by saying 'Local high school student' must be with that teacher woman who is at kosei, she needs to act as if she doesn't know what a kosei high school is, and then get out of here as quick as possible since the day will be over. "w-well, I'm new here in Tokyo, I'm from Kyoto, my name may be weird, but it is Neko... Neko Mayuki" She turns her head sideways from right while a a trace of her hair doesn't show up her eyes or her emotions because in reality, she feels embarrassed to do something like this to her, she would truly feel bad and tries her best not to show that kind of personality to this girl. But "A-A-Anyway, what's with that story or the rumour you are talking about, why's everyone here into this?" she turns her head back, she doesn't feel any anger towards her, but rather... Suspicion torawds her.
{Check as she might, there are no names on the box. She sighs as she sees all the letters and numbers, something that would probably set up a code if they were assigned in some correct position that can spell something like an address or a code.} "...that's interesting, I guess." {With nothing to open the box with, and with her purse oobviouslyy being sooo far, she decides to leave the boxes alone for now. Malloryn goes and heads upstairs, checking all the rooms for anything that could probably open a box, or at least learn the layout.}
"Thank you, then I'll try to be fast." Though as Gad was preparing to ask her about what Kazuo had mentioned before or about other residents of the building. He couldn't help but notice her immediately say something peculiar. Actually, what do you mean by dangerous when the sun goes down? I didn't think the area around here was that dangerous?" Perhaps this was a bad way to start but he'd rather dig on a recent point now then bring it back up later.
Apollo would grumble disappointedly. "So be it." He then follows Emi to the second floor, investigating it to the best of his ability.
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Old Woman: "Y... yes, violence is starting to get out of hand lately. It's...not very safe for a bit right after the sun goes down." The woman tries not to look into Gad's eyes, instead, focusing either on the emblem of the uniform or glancing at the notepad he has. Emi and Apollo would go towards the second floor and notice Gad talking to an old lady, the one from apartment 205. Maybe they checked the taken apartments, maybe not, but apartments 204 and 210 are also taken, used by two parties yet unknown. Old Woman: "This gang is very strange, they are around...from 8pm and 9pm. After that they are gone. Even so, they keep eluding the police, there are never traces of them and we can't seem to get them on camera, they..." The woman quickly taps her finger on her leg. Old Woman: "It really is awful, messing with the building and harassing every new tenant until they pack their things and leave. But we can't-won't leave. That must be why the rumors appeared..."
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Malloryn would attempt to go upstairs but as it turns out, there are no stairs inside it. However, she could instead go through the corridor that take to the other two bedrooms and the master bedroom. The very first bedrooms all have all the furniture they need minus the beds, a mere carpet at the center of each with nothing more of interest. The master bedroom on the other hand... was more of the same. There are no beds and the furniture of the room barely combines with one another. Inside one of the nightstands, currently wide open, there are multiple sets of essential oils, alongside a single weird looking diffuser for it all.
Hikari would nod a bit before she goes on, right... People aren't all used to this madhouse she's lived in her whole life. "Neko Mayuki? Huh, neat. As for the kind of rumors... Well rumor has it there's been some kind of attacks or disapperances or something around here? I'm kinda just looking into it with some acquaintances because it's a thing we do together, it's a bit silly to some but we have fun with investigating weird rumors and mysteries." Mostly because they're real, it's almost always somewhat real around here but a lot of people don't like confronting that fact much. And Hikari isn't gonna press if the girl doesn't want to think about the supernatural. "That aside, cool meeting you. Though I should probably get back to it soon I suppose."
"So people do have fun looking in some sorts of serious rumours like these, you all being interesting, can't beileve this is where I'll have to transfer anyway" some occult doesn't really interest her, what does she really has an eye of is all about the technology, it doesn't pipsqueak interest about anything else other than that those  type of kosei students are really weird, she thinks the weirder it gets the more interesting it gets, they truly are thinking about childish things and all. As she lowered her jacket a little bit to get her long hair inside the jacket to put on the 2 blue and red colored hoodie as she thought she has to hide her face a little bit, she has to ask this girl, and the old man some favor so she wouldn't be found out about who she is. "by the way, I'll ask you kindly, can you not tell anyone about the existance of Neko mayuki, think about it, as if you didn't see me, reached to me or asked me, or just use a different name if you can, alright?" before going to ask the old man, she puts a normal face to Hikari as if she wanted to apologize for confusing Hikari like this. When leaving, she realized how much embarrassing she just did as if her hands are trembling as if she wants to kill herself if the teacher founds out about Neko, a student who has just a few weeks before moving to this school, she just hopes that Hikari won't reveal anything about Neko or anything. Now all that left is to look for a way to strike a conversation to stop that student to continue talk to the old man. "you're an obstacle on my way" she stopped a conversation between the old man and the young boy, acting as toxic as she is, the cold eyes are expressed to her eyes, she then sighs, "I just wanted to let the old man know I'm leaving now after I charged my phone, not like I'm stopping you to have your babbly conversation." That's right, she wasn't even aware to this rummour until Hikari told her about it, even though she thinks rumours are just creepypasta being posted anonymously online, not like she is at anyone's side either.
"Funny, a bedroom with no beds. I'm about to call my brother so he can rescue me from this forsaken place." {Despite going about things her usual way, Malloryn feels no need to please anyone, as she is alone with only the thoughts she thinks out loud. Now that she knows there are even more reasons to launder this to someone else, it seems clear that this investment was a waste.} "Surely there might be some type of commoner's sleeping bag in one of the boxes? It's in poor taste, but I abhor the irony of this layout." {She looks at the nightstand with one raised eyebrow, looking at all of these essential oils and things that seem a bit suspicious. Surely this place isn't haunted because it was owned by a middle-aged woman who only believes what a commoner posts online for fun...right?}
The young woman would shrug slightly. "Eh, sure whatever. You've got the look of an outsider ta be sure, people from Tokyo tend to react with less indifference more... Shock and horror to those who investigate this stuff. Or interest, always one of them. Guess I'll see you around school later maybe Neko." As she leaves the Solar would begin focusing upon her power again, trying to find more signs of the spiritual energy her third-eye so to speak had revealed eariler. That, and keeping her eyes out for anyone else from the club, it would be a good idea to mention her findings even if they are minor after all.
"So, all the rumors are the cause of a local gang. I guess that's all I really need to know then. Thank you for your time but before I go would there be anyone else living here who might be worth talking to?" He wasn't exactly convinced, especially with such a dubious response. There was clearly a lot unsettling the woman which is why he felt it best to move on to someone else.
Careful not to alarm the old lady with her own appearance, she instead decided to investigate apartment 210, knocking on the door and putting on a friendly face once more, hoping her ghostly appearance doesn't immediately send the resident into comatose. "You know, Apollo-kun, I don't mean to short-change your capabilities, but if there's one thing I've learned from being a persona-user for over half my life, it's that having special powers doesn't always make you special. Even if you could get away with it, it's best that you follow the laws of society. People who don't do that are usually the type to become the supervillains themselves."
Apollo would stick close to Emi, only catching a few key details of what the woman tells Gad. He gives Emi a tired look, cheekily smiling after thinking up a response. "Well, not like I can say anything about the laws themselves, considering I don't know most of them, but do you really think that it's right to force law on species that are completely segregated from society in the first place? By this logic, the apes in Planet Of The Apes would be the bad guys for starting an uprising, then all of a sudden rebelling against them in turn would also be considered bad." He then closes his eyes in reflection, pausing for an awkward moment. "Come to think of it, with the effect of climate change and the rising ocean levels in recent years, Splatoon would be a more probable future. You've heard of Splatoon, right, Sumeragi-sensei?"
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Gad's questions seemed to be getting to the woman who needs time to think before speaking. Old Woman: "If you are to question anyone, ask the people in 210. If you see a little girl around the building don't talk to her though. All I'm going to say on the subject." Without even looking back at him, the old woman would close the door as she returns back inside, her hands almost shaking. Now, only mumbling comes from the other side, but it's impossible to tell what is being said. In front of apartment 210, "Fudo" is written on a small wooden sign. The door was not particularly dusty but the cleaning around it was lackluster. At the very least it's easy to tell the people were still inside, as revealed by the footsteps and voices conversing with one another. After the knock, they remain quiet as two people approach from the other side and get even quieter after opening the door. Young Man: "..." Young Woman: "..." Both had the same golden ring on their fingers and looked about the same age, almost in their 30s. Pale skin and of natural blonde hair, their eyes are like the artic both in color and emotion. At least, it seemed like they were somewhat intimidated by the strange pair from the school. Young Man: "...May I help you two? If this is about some product, we're not buying."
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Malloryn would notice the essential oils and corresponding diffuser. These have been for a long time now, clearly belonging to someone who got out too quickly to remember they even bought these. In particular, the essential oils present are jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood. The diffuser hasn't been used in a long time, but it still remains working.
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Hikari, using her powers again, finds the same signs as before. The energy around the apartment building is getting stronger as the sun keeps going down, but so does the area around the statue too. A strong, constant flow of energy leaves the area of the barely distinguishable drawings and heads towards the building. At least, she found the point of origin. Meanwhile, Neko would approach the man and the student and interrupt whatever it was they were doing in a rather rude way. Kazuo: "..." Caretaker: "..." They look at each other. Caretaker: "..." Kazuo: "..." Then at Neko again before speaking. The caretaker had a very... plain expression, meanwhile Kazuo's eyes just darken as he looks down. Caretaker: "That... is fine, miss. I'm glad it worked." Kazuo: "...You didn't have to be so rude." Kazuo mutters, as he was a bit wounded, asking himself why is it that girls hate him so much and the Caretaker was merely taken by surprise. This was probably the most that had ever happened to him in years. Not an easy life, eh?
"Of course I think it's right to enforce laws on a separate species if they're trying to live among us like you are quite clearly. You wanna live with people? You will abide by the morals of people. Doesn't that seem fair?" At the sudden talk of climate change she tilted her head. "Splat-who? I'm a world history teacher, not a climatologist." Emi was quick to offer a friendly smile to the couple who had opened the door, hoping that her jovial voice and demeanor were enough to offset just how weird both she and Apollo were. "Hello! My name's Emi Sumeragi, I'm a teacher and supervisor of the Occult Club at Kosei High School. We're doing a small investigation of the premises because we've been led to believe something's amiss around here. Would you two know of anything out of the ordinary that has taken place recently?"
The Solar would grin a bit upon seeing Kazuo once again, she'd wandered out and run into the young man not so long ago. "Yo! See you ran into her too, seemed... Well it doesn't matter. Anyways I've found some curious stuff if you wanna hear about it man. And it keeps getting more curious by the moment, feels a bit like we're on a timer or something..." She'd rub at her chin slightly while making that remark, the lower the sun gets the stronger this energy becomes. Not that she'll mention such a thing around the groundskeeper, there isn't really any need to and he'd just think she's crazy. But she knows where it comes from now, which is something hopefully useful. Assuming the boy agreed to speak with her, she'd begin explaining her findings. "In short, I've found a source of spiritual power of some kind. It isn't anything I know well enough to pin down, but it's supernatural for sure. Seems to be coming from some drawnings or something and heading towards the building, and it gets stronger the more time passes. My guess is by sundown or so it'll hit the peak. Any clue what that could be?" Even if she's getting better quickly, the young woman won't deny she doesn't know everything. Hikari is kinda hoping that someone else will know more in this case, maybe get some use from the drawnings.
"excuse me, what were you doing just now is RUDE!" she frowned her eyes at a moment, she took a breath to hold the hoodie trying her best to hide her face. When Hikari explained her about the rummor, it explains all the things that this young boy is doing, she is unsure of how will she reply to him, it didn't matter, they may be a weird group of students but she doesn't want to be found out. "sundown? Wait, what time is it now?" curious about what hikari mentions about 'sundown' or peak, or anything that she mentions about supernatural, she picked her phone to open it and see the clock, in short, what time it is, it made her remember that she hasn't even done anything today.
Apollo would silently and coldly stare at Emi for a few awkward seconds, craning his neck and merely interjecting with a cold monotone dismissal before Emi greets the couple. "My motives are beyond your understanding." He would then turn his back to the group, indicating his self-exclusion from the conversation at hand as he crosses his arms and shakes his head.
{Though her inner being urges her to throw the oils out the window, they were ultimately harmless, as nothing has happened inside the room or to these things. Malloryn sighs and takes them along with their diffuser.} "These pointless things might as well be in my possession, perhaps the maids would know what to do with them." {She walks back to where her purse was and stuffs the diffuser and the essential oils inside. Afterwards, she'd grab her house keys and go up to the boxes, attempting to cut them open and find out what's inside.}
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The pair seems unimpressed. Ryo: "I'm Ryo Fudo, and this is my wife, Lan." Lan bows as she is introduced by her husband. The man continues. Ryo: "If it's about the weird rumors then I should tell you right away they are all most likely right. I dunno if you spoke to the others but it's been annoying, it's this weird sensation that you can't shake off and cannot explain. Dunno if that makes sense." Lan: "What my husband oh so eloquently is trying to say is that everything here is pure weird, and yet know nothing about it." The man rolls his eyes and shows some annoyance, only then dropping it. Ryo: "You'll probably have to be more specific with the questions, miss. There's a lot... as you can probably see." For what is worth, the couple is willing to cooperate with their own perspective of the situation, being as honest and direct as it gets.
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Malloryn quite literally finds a huge amount of abandoned belongings, belonging to the bathroom, individual bedrooms, kitchen and even toys I am not allowed to mention in this. With all the different things one could essentially fill the kitchen and even decorate the entire place with how many things were left abandoned. So many in fact you can nearly come up with whatever you wish the boxes have.
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Now that Hikari approaches Kazuo, the caretaker himself shrugs and goes back to working on his own. The young man crosses his arms as he pays attention to what the girl is telling him. "A timer...?" Making a mental note of what she tells him: Energy leaving some drawings and going towards the main building, getting stronger as the night approaches. "I have a hunch after talking with Mister Nagai, but I'll tell you all after we regroup. For now, you should show me the drawings you saw. I may be able to figure something out." Kazuo will now follow Hikari wherever she goes. Neko decides to check the time; currently, it is 07:35pm, the sky is orange and it wouldn't be long until the sun completely disappears by the time 8pm comes.
Apollo turns back around, looking at the couple with interest as he remains with his arms crossed. "You're sure of this? I'd expect at least a little denial." He awkwardly smiles, letting his right arm fall to his side as he unfolds his left hand in front of his chest "Ah, forgive me, I forgot to mention that i'm one of Sumeragi-Sensei's students... Let's discuss these rumors, they may provide valuable clues as to what's causing all this. I've heard that some people here tend to experience night terrors and fall into comas afterwards. Can you affirm that this has happened often? If so, can you tell us anything about the victims? Specifically, anything they may have in common or where and when in particular these events tend to occur?"
Gad would sigh before whispering under his breath after the woman had closed the door. "Great, more ominous warnings. Seems something screwy really is going on here." With that he'd simply try to move over to room 210, however, if people were already there he'd simply watch instead. No need to but in unless needed.
Emi visibly sighed with relief as the couple for once were cooperative. After Apollo asked his questions, she'd nod-nod in approval. "If this doesn't sound familiar, there's also some other telltale signs of potentially occult activity. Stuff like lights flickering despite no electrical malfunctions, suspicious voices or brief and inexplicable sightings of people. This place appears to struggle in terms of maintenance so maybe that first one is a little more common."
Hikari would also check her phone for a moment, shaking her head slightly as she glances over towards Neko with a slight smirk. "I thought you weren't interested in this stuff though? If you wanna hang around and see if we're right or not, that's fine with me. But if we are right I don't take any responblity in the event of something going wrong for ya got it?" With that done she'd put the phone away and nod to Kazuo, grinning slightly while walking over towards the drawings and glancing towards them. Trying to put her own efforts towards figuring the things out, she has been reading up on occult books. Tadashi Yagami may be a weirdo, but the boy seems to know his shit in terms of finding things on demons, as she's found out after being bugged by him while digging through a library. No telling if any of the books she's read up to now had anything useful here though. "Can you make anything of this? I'm... Thinking, been doing some research on my own lately, with a bit of help. Hoping between both of us we can find out something to work with, besides the fact that energy is for sure leaving these things and getting stronger in the main building, that seems important."
{As there are many things in these boxes, the girl feels overwhelmed. Some things which go in some obvious spaces, some things that could've probably looked nice elsewhere, some questionable things that exist right now. However, she mostly looks down at all the tacky accessories that come from the box. Though at this point, tacky may as well be the only way to describe the hotel.} "...I guess there's even more tacky things to put in this living space..." {She inspects the unmentioned toys and raises an eyebrow, soon throwing them off to the side after asking one question.} "Who's pen holders are these?"
"so it is 7:35...." as Neko thought.... it will get late by anytime, but what she is more curious is why those two are being all rude for that today, she can't let go that thought, as if she has something else to do today, or even how would she be found out by their teacher "huh? alright, I'll see what you two are doing, but if you go too far, I'm seriously going to leave" she answered to Hikari, her real intent is to see why are they so much into the occult to the point they, she actually thought it as if this is going to be fun, but she'll never admit that still adjusting her hoodie trying to hide her face, she decided to follow two for now.
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The man is the first one to speak, trying to remember the situation around the building but even his own. Ryo: "If you try to sleep or something between 8 and 9 pm, you're guaranteed to have some nightmares. Fairly early too so no idea on how it got so many." Lan: "You fall for it once and they never stop. Nightmares become paranoia and then the coma hits you. Age doesn't matter either." Ryo remains quiet; he didn't know much about the other families as Lan did. Lan: "One member would be afflicted by the coma and then multiple people at once in the building did, which lead them to abandoning the place in fear. New people came in to check the now empty apartments as they got cheaper all of a sudden." She chuckles. Lan: "They knew about what happened and then got to live through the same nightmares. So, as soon as it happened, they all ran away. They seem to be doing fine but refuse to step back here or reclaim their things. So nowadays, it's only us two, the widow at 205, the little girl and her dad at 204, and..." At the mention of "occult activity", Ryo pays attention again, right on time when it comes to the mention of the last person living in the building that wasn't the caretaker. Ryo: "Actually, the girl on the third floor. Forget her name, "Imai" something. She never leaves and is always ordering new stuff right to the door of her apartment her parents are paying. She's a creep and... come to think of it, the first coma happened not long after she showed up."
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Kazuo would take a closer look at the remnants of a drawing by the side of statue. "What I can tell is... not much actually, besides theorizing." He would sit by the side of the drawings as he looks through his bag. It would take a bit but he would find a box of white chalk. "This will do the trick. All these..."remains" are either pink or yellow, so the white will stand out." Kazuo would keep it simple. Try to complete the most notorious shapes; a large circle, straight lines going from one end to the other. In the end, Kazuo would find himself drawing a large hexagram on the stone, matching some of the old drawings but the larger part of the inside still having many shapes he didn't know how to complete. "I decided to go for the obvious and drew the Seal of Solomon, but it doesn't feel right. This thing is way more complex." Kazuo would stand up and turn towards Hikari. "Chances are we'll need to find whoever drew this in the first place to fully recreate it. Demons can be summoned by different means, but specific demons have specific rituals and even symbols that need to be drawn for it to work. These work as protection for the summoner and become connected to the contract, so a permanent marker may disappear in an hour..." Kazuo would kneel down for a moment and pass his finger over some of the pink remains of the old seal. Some of it stays on his finger. "...and chalk may remain there for months." Finally, he would address Neko calmly. "I'll tell it you straight. Things are probably not okay in this building and it could even get dangerous. So, unless you're some kind of super exorcist with the power of Jesus Christ you should keep your distance." He rubs the back of his head, realizing his tone of voice suddenly got super serious. Not that the situation doesn't require it, considering what he thinks may be going on. "If you choose to believe me that is. I won't be responsible for what happens once the sun goes down."
Katty is stunned of how these two can spefic a certain drawing on this statue as if they were mentioning some rituals... Rituals, she feels like she knows this word today... "was that from the book where it says rituals to keep the evil sprits away or something?" neko just wondering what those two were talking and doing... Following them up, she remembered what she have read in that leather-look book. "sorry, who are you again?" neko, being toxic to him, and aware of what the young boy is saying, the girl continues "well, I do agree with you, I wasn't born to fight or anything, I hate crowded places, I would definitely run away or hide if anything happened, well, I don't have the energy to run away though" She then picks up her tablet with buttons as if it looked like a video game console, by opening her jacket to pick it up, closing the jacket then, she proceeds to turn the tablet on. "Hey, kitty!" she shouts at her tablet. --"woo hoo~~ kitty the loyal servant to Mayu-----" a voice from her tablet came out, a high-pitched voice, it felt like as if it is robotish voice, but the voice being cut at the last part. "yeah, let's skip that" she pressed the button to make sure the cat isn't saying nonsense and isn't even revealing neko's last name "now then, kitty, appear as a hologram now" --"alright coming right up!" and then a hologram start to visualise as a colorless sphere with cat ears, opening up with two blue dots as if it is waking up moving all around outside her tablet. "what do you want me to do?-- wait who those weirdos, did you forget your daily tasks milady??" the sphere backed up seeing the two around here, looking back at neko "check any nearby devices" --"alright, will be right back after all the adventure of searching them~~" the sphere can't help but to answer to Neko's commands, the hologram disappeared, the screen on neko's tablet appears to be some codes being processed. "well, it should check around any nearby devices, even if it is just an old device, a device that doesn't support Internet, this thing we made really helps me as a Hacker to look around old tech for proposes, it should be able to find any security camera by now or anything" her eyes shining from all the excitement probably from what neko was explaining, then she realized for a second that this isn't what the young man was talking about, started to be disapointed at herself and being annoyed now. "right... You said something about superpowers to be an exorcist or something... Ugh..." the annoyed look is being taken too much on neko's face now.
The Solar doesn't have anything so techy as a talking tablet, and would simply sigh a bit as a golden burst of energy flashes in her hand for a brief moment before becoming a 'solid gold' baseball bat. Forged from Orichalcum in truth, but there's good odds no one here knows that, Hikari included. And so instead the young woman shall wield the power of the universe, like an especially heavy stick. "Hacking huh... Sounds kinda illegal to me but I can't judge for that, so sure why not. Anyways Kazuo, good to know. I figured it had to be something weird with all this energy, we should probably try to regroup so we can put together what we've learned... Hopefully before things go to hell." Likely not much time left by now, so the Solar would focus on expanding her senses for the moment. Hearing is the main focus in this case, easily allowing her to hear all around the building at least outside the apartments. And giving her the ability to manage that without sensory overload. Curiously, a faint gold and red aura would form around her at this point. Along with the faint image of a blazing sun appearing on her forehead. "With any luck, I can at least figure out where they are. Though it'd be nice if we don't have to go looking too hard." For the moment she's content to simply keep listening, and follow Kazuo if he has any idea how to regroup.
Emi pulled out a notepad to scribble down what the couple was writing. She was surprised to see such detail in their statements. "8-9 PM? Is this something you tested out or a pattern you noticed among victims? I had a feeling the girl upstairs would be important, but this is much more than I could've anticipated." She bowed toward the couple and gave them an enthusiastic smile. "Thank you very much for your cooperation! Hopefully after we're done here you'll be able to live peacefully. She turned to Apollo, nudging his shoulder "Feel free to keep asking them any questions. I'm gonna go see if I can talk to this man and his daughter. Kids are often perceptive of things adults could never be, you know?"
{She puts a curtain over her shoulder, staring at the window leading to the outside before looking back at the box. Malloryn sighs, going against what she would normally do and ends up taking some things out of the box in order to truly decorate the place. Most notably, things for the kitchen such as a knife rack and a few used mechanical appliances such as an air fryer, coffee machine, and a toaster oven. After setting some table mats and carpets around, she idly places a single pot without a plant onto the side of the dinner table, going back to the window to look out of it and see whether anything was different before putting the curtains onto the window.}
Gad would approach his teacher, having already been nearby and listening. "Sensei, hold up. Might want to be a bit careful about that. I've been warned that talking to children might be a bad idea. Though not sure if the daughter was specifically the one to worry about."
Apollo would jump back out of shock, unaware of the meaning of Emi nudging his shoulder in this social context. "Ah, ah, actually I think they've told us enough. It wouldn't be good if we ended up forgetting details by asking too many questions at once. Actually, wait, I should be writing everything down..." He takes out his notepad and begins jotting down all relevant information, casually following along Emi as he does. "Which reminds me, when are we supposed to reconvene again?"
"What could be wrong with talking to children? That makes me even more curious about what the child might be seeing. But... if it's potentially dangerous for the child I'd best not even risk it. Let's see if the father's home." She turned to Apollo mid-walk, practically backstepping across the room while shrugging at him. "Dunno. Probably when we have substantial information. Which I think we have by now thanks to that couple, but I wanna see if I can get just a bit more." She knocked on the door to room 204, but in case the daughter was used to answering the door she made sure to try and address the father as directly as possible. "Hello? Is the tenant of this apartment home?"
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Ryo and Lan both shrug. Ryo: "You just saw it happened, and then we all came to this conclusion. The one who confirmed it is in the hospital right about now." Lan: "Glad this was helpful. Leave before it gets too late." Is all the pair says before the door towards Apartment 210 is closed for good. From the other side, no signs of conversation can be heard. The footsteps instead indicate they don't even stay in the same room. Regardless, the group of three would move instead towards Apartment 204. After Emi knocks on its door, there is nothing but silence. More silence. And... that's right, more silence. However, light is coming from under the door, just like in the other apartments that have people in them, all three of them, even the one on the third floor. The sound of a chair being moved comes from the other side of the door, and upon closer inspection, this one in particular has a door viewer. Emi, Gad or Apollo, if they had their phones with them then they would receive a message notification at the same time.
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Nothing changes outside while Malloryn works on decorating the apartment, other than the sun is quickly disappearing to make way for the night. As she checks, her phone receives a message notification.
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Kazuo had sent a message to the rest of the group through their group chat, asking them that, once they were done, they should meet again at the reception of the apartment; he would be waiting there until they were ready. "My name is Kazuo Takahara, I'm a third-year student at Kosei High School and... I suppose I'm also the President of the Occult Club." Kazuo introduces himself to Neko as she had been asking. He keeps staring down at the hexagram while Neko does her checking of nearby devices. She may be able to find out that there are no security cameras in the apartment building at all, and the total amount of computers is four: Two of them in apartment 302, one in 204 and another in 210. 204 and 210 barely get use, but the two in 302 are constantly ordering new products from the internet. If you tried hard enough you may be able to figure out what is being bought. After this, Kazuo walks up to Hikari and sighs, trying not to laugh. "Stop using your powers for no reason, it's a normal apartment minus the demonic presence, not some other worldly pocket dimension. I sent a message to the others. I'll be at the reception for now." And so Kazuo walks back inside of the apartment building to wait for the time being.
Gad would check his phone, something he almost forgot he had in the first place. Mostly because he just randomly was given it for being the one thousandth visitor to an electronic store he didn't even intend to go to in the first place. He'd rub at the back of his head anxiously. "Should we head back down? I could try to get the person inside to answer more directly but it might be better to just go back."
Apollo pulled out his laptop which he had messaging software on to converse with the rest of the group. He noticed the message from Kazuo, urging them to return to the reception. He held the laptop in one hand and typed with the other with inhuman speed and veracity, responding with "Let's mosey" in English, to the possible annoyance of others as a result of his habit of switching between multiple different language every time he sends a message. He followed up by pulling the keyboard back, switching the laptop to a tablet mode and drawing a chibi sketch of himself giving a thumbs up, sending it to the chat. Eerily silent, he began making his way towards the reception, assuming Gad and Emi would go there on their own.
She stepped away from the door, holding a finger up towards her two students just to check the message. Seeing that it was from Kazuo, she returned to the two students quickly, though she was still checking the door for any answers. "No one's home? Or maybe it's just the kid. Either way, I think we have enough info to fill the others in. C'mon!" Emi would make sure to be the last to leave, just to make sure no one was in any danger. She was noticeably anxious given the decrepit environment.
{As the girl gazed out the window wistfully, not knowing much of what else to do other than to do more peasant work, her phone had sent her a notification. Once it said "Kazuo", she needed no further explanation to leave her room, throwing the curtain to the side and texting back to him.} "Coming!~" {Afterwards she would go and grab her purse, leaving to find the first floor where the reception was. Malloryn would carefully close her door behind her, walking towards the steps and heading down to meet up with everyone else again.}
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As it turns out, the entire group decided to meet once more at the reception of the apartment building. Kazuo is sitting on the chair behind the desk checking the books that were left on top out of pure curiosity. A new page, a new time Kazuo's face is filled with disappointment. "No, this won't do." Once they were all there and ready to speak, Kazuo would drop the book and them pile them all together, as the caretaker clearly didn't like to organize his own things. The night is almost there. "All of these rituals are to protect a single family from evil spirits, but nothing that we can use for what's going on." [He looks at everyone in silence for a moment.] "What did you guys find out? Did you talk to everyone already?"
While Katty wasn't bothered to listen or to care about anyone to anyone, like interducing to this young man's name, or rather Hikari doing something, but rather focusing mainly on her tablet, finding out about the results, this isn't the result neko was expecting... But it was rather disappointing... So she is confused if that's the results that they want --"and here's what I found~~" the hologram reappeared once again that it disappeared after what neko pressed a button "you're seriously annoying" she touched the screen as if she was putting that sphere besides or something "I don't know, this is all I found and I don't want to be much of a stalker but---" after she listened to what kazuo had to say about gathering up and she got nervous again if it is something. "w-w-well.... I'll rather be outside.... And taking some air and so...." she avoided meeting so all she had to do is to wait outside and hacked into hikari's phone to listen about what are they saying using her headphones, while she is outside the main building.
Emi whips out her notepad and starts listing off the information she'd found out from the couple. "Apollo-kun and I talked to a couple in room 210 on the second floor, Ryo and Lan Fudo. They told me that if you fall asleep between 8-9 PM, you are guaranteed to have nightmares and potentially fall into a coma. We also know that according to Mr. and Mrs. Fudo the woman living on the third floor arrived around the same time that this all began. Apollo-kun and I also tried to speak to her but she was fairly uncooperative. She closed the notepad and stared at the apartment building, tapping her chin pensively. "There's also a man and his daughter in room 204, but there didn't seem to be anyone home. Gadello-kun also warned me that we shouldn't be talking with children. I'm not sure why though. I'm primarily concerned about the woman on the second floor. She seemed to be our most difficult lead."
{Malloryn tried her best not to butt herself in too much, however she realized that's what she's supposed to do best as the rich girl. So before she saw nobody else was currently speaking up, she walked up and did so herself.} "Aw, I almost forgot that this was an occult investigation!~" {Unlike Emi, she merely went off memory with what she had experienced, which was slightly easy to go off of because of how much she talked to herself like her only friend was herself.} "Well the apartments insides of each apartment aren't as déclassé as one would normally expect. When I had bought it I was fully expecting something more rugged but as it turns out, they have relatively clean and functioning appliances that aren't missing. It's amazing when you need the bare minimum!~ Other than that I've gotten some essential oils from the bedroom with their diffuser that I don't want. Anyone who wants them is free to take it. Oh, and I guess I had to use my keys to cut open some unlabelled boxes that had many items which seemed to belong to the rest of the apartment, but I didn't have time to look through them all thoroughly."
The Solar by now has stopped glowing... But her bat is still out, she considers demonic presence reason enough to remain armed even if she can summon it at any moment. As for her phone Neko would indeed be able to hack it easily, though it's kind of old and the audio quality is crap, she can still hear through it. Evetually the young woman would speak up a bit after a while. To be exact after everyone else bar Apollo and Gad have spoken. She'd simply nod at Mal's words, not having much to add there. Emi though... She has loads of thoughts on what Emi said. "Yeah what Kazuo said, though strangely the energy doesn't have a focal point. It comes from circles not too far away from here, and moves towards the building before covering the whole place. And that's interesting about the third floor, Sumeragi. That paints something of a picture to me there, but maybe it's just bad luck on when she came in... The obvious conclusion is its related though, and that perhaps she's the one who drew out these ritual circles? Just conjuncture on my part, could be be bad circumstances. And not speaking to kids... That's an odd as hell warning, could the demons be manifesting as a child sometimes? I know some such beings can shapeshift so it isn't impossible, but why would that be happening? Or maybe a kid is the summoner...? It muddies the water a bit on third floor girl at least." She'd then go quiet again, waiting to see if anyone else has something to add after that bit of guesswork.
"I talked to the person in 205, that's all. She seemed pretty normal compared to that couple but it was clear that something was making her extremely nervous. All she said was that apparently there's been a gang or something causing problems around the area at night and not to talk to a little girl if I see one roaming around. I guess I didn't try that hard to gather information otherwise I could have..." He'd trail off after that, not wanting to continue with that thought. "Anyway, I think it's safe to trust that women to some extent. She's obviously hiding something but it seems like there's at least reason for her warnings."
Apollo nods along as the others list off information, staying passive for the most part. "It's not bad information, but I doubt we'd get much further by investigation alone. It might not be a bad idea for one of you to take a nap and see what happens. I've drawn out demons in similar ways in the past."
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[Kazuo keeps a mental note of everything they are saying as well as their conclusions. With all that information, he too starts painting the image of what possibly could be actually happening in this place.] "A little girl and another on the third floor...? If that's what you guys think, then run with it for now. Though, maybe you should try and find this little girl...?" [After commenting on their findings, it was the young man's time to comment on what he found out from the caretaker and his own attempts at figuring something out of the information given. Kazuo would open his own book and keeps his eyes glued to it.] "I found out some things from Mister Nagai that wasn't at all in the rumors. This will be a lot to take in. He had to clean each apartment and one thing that always showed up in their bathrooms and walls was a single word: "Baku"." [He would turn over the book on a page detailing a demon, the page by its side the rough sketch of it. It's a big creature with a small elephant trunk, a tapir with the paws of a tiger and long claws, and an awful expression on his face.] "Baku is a national demon that is called upon by its summoner in order to devour nightmares and turn them into sweet dream. However, if one is not careful and the ritual is made to last too long, he may grow into a glutton and consume the nice dreams completely until the victim can't wake up. Chances are... we're dealing with him. He went out of control and started to attack everyone." [He closes his eyes as he shares his own conclusion.] "At this stage, we can't kill it as the summoner, who remains awake, is probably being held hostage. To chase it away and reverse the effects, we need to recreate the ritual and have the summoner return it to the Abyss. The problem is that if Baku realizes what's going on, the summoner may be killed and he will escape, dooming all the victims forever." [He turns the page, showing the ritual: One must draw a specific circle that comes from one's own imagination, use a catalyst and call upon the demon. The way the circle is drawn is said that must be done while thinking of the person one wants to help.] "Apollo-san took the words right out of my mouth. We need to bait Baku into action while the others reach the summoner and work on reversing the process. Seems like it's the girl on the third floor but... I don't know if we can be too sure of that. I feel like we're missing something." [He shakes his head.] "Gad and Apollo-san, you guys have the powers of a god, we can't risk that demon taking anything from you; any of you that may have such powers can't act as bait, which means that... I have to be it. My powers seem to be... demonic in nature so he has nothing to gain. Sumeragi-sensei's power is natural among human beings and I don't know anything about Carreu-san or Akimoto-san in that regard. In short, we need to separate in two to succeed and save the people." [Kazuo takes a deep sigh.] "Sorry, that was a lot. This is a complicated situation. Any questions or ideas?"
after overhearing the conversation, she thought the girl from the third floor could be the person at 302 who actively using their devices to order many new products, that being aside, they are like really discuss about the occult stuff, although she tries to believe hikari that supernatural powers being a thing, they are actually helping people, and that's a good thing from what Neko thinks herself, so she won't complain any further like this, It'll only make a fool of herself. "that's...!!! wait... I can't get in if I would be found out" overhearing all these conversation outside, she needs to give someone the number or try to make sure they can reach to the girl, ....at least she thought of one thing, and that would become annoying, she needs to get someone get the tablet she has, but in a way, there's endless possibilities, but she has to use this one. "alright, Kitty, I need your help" she tried to hijack a decent device among the students that has a good audio quality at least, it had to install the same files that Neko has from her tablet using Bluetooth by turning it on, after it installed it started vibrate so strongly among one of these students --"did someone say a... complicated situation~?" a very high pitched voice can be heard very loudly from one of these student's phone, and the screen is turned on, to their normal screen, but a colorless sphere with cat ears can move around. --"I'm Kitty~ a saviour of justice and----..... yeah let's just skip for the obvious parts since things like these would be boring" the sphere continues to the main subject "well then, if you seek reaching for the girl, you have to first... uh..... alright, the secret item is dropped!" meanwhile, Neko had to use screen share between her tablet and her phone, she put the tablet with the video game button in the front of the door, ran as fast as she could to the statue and hide there monitor everything and use the tablet wirelessly using her phone, she had no other devices with her today, but she'll use these for times like these, she put the hood away so her hair can take a breath finally while hiding. --"the secret item is now dropped in the front door, please pick it up because you may need it for this, ᵃⁿᵈ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ʳᵉˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵐᵉ, ᴵ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵗʰᵉ ᵒⁿ ᵐʸ ᵒʷⁿ" the device is now at the door, the screen is on to the results of the search of these devices that Neko just found, the 4 computers, Two of them in apartment 302, one in 204 and another in 210, the ones being used are the computers from 302.
The Solar would look over at Kazuo, groaning slightly... A hostage huh, how freaking annoying. Kazuo's logic on being bait himself makes sense though, and she can confirm herself and Mal as bad options too. "Mal's got one of those Personas too, and I'm... Fuck if I know, chosen by a god way bigger than most I think? I don't really understand much about the source of my powers though, he spoke once and that's all I've heard. Feels like a hands-off guy mostly." As for questions or ideas, well she does have one... But it probably wouldn't work for some reason, ugh. "What if we could sever the connection between the demon and the summoner, then kill it? I have an trick that might work to break the link but I haven't tested it... Maybe keep that as a back up plan since I'm not sure how it'll go? Untested methods sometimes backfire with me, admittedly. " Her power can react with various forms of magic in all kinds of exciting ways, some of them are even stable and non-harmful to those around her.
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