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What is the Best Awakening?
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What is the best Awakening in Persona 3, Persona 4, or Persona 5?
So i may be biased, because best girl, but Futaba's original awakening. Yes, Necronomicon is a super cool persona, ans yes, i love futaba, but it just feels so... Real to me. Obviously i know the game isnt in real life but that doesnt mean i cant feel for the characters. I related a lot to futaba amd seeing her shadow help her put the pieces together and have her more past her guilt really resonated with me. Plus her awakening made her feel no pain, she moved past it, and became definetly my favorite persona character.
New to the phansite but I say Akechi's Loki awakening
definitely akechis loki
My favorite awakening would be the Persona 3 protagonist awakening it's really epic
Definitely Akechi's third tier awakening. It's just so sad and emotional.
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