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Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
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It's a fairly quiet night out for once, at least by Tokyo's standards anyway. Which of course means that no supernatural events have occurred within the area and no crimes seem to be going on. Meanwhile, a young woman with white hair dressed in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with a leather jacket over it would wander out of what happens to be a weapons shop while absently twirling her keys in her hands. "Geez... Can't believe that guy's crazy enough to just sell me freaking firearms, or that he's somehow getting away with it for that matter." A man wearing a toad mask selling all sorts of things, but mostly tools of death. What a weird city this is, though as she glances around the rest of the area Hikari would note that most of it happens to look fairly normal at a glance beside Zacharie's Arms Emporium. A building which she casually leans against while glancing around and muttering to herself. "Hmm... Where to go next anyway, going home doesn't sound like much fun so probably not that. Maybe I'll just hang around, see if anything of note happens out here." She would begin surveying the area a bit more closely, revealing of course the usual array of shops one would expect, clothing, manga, gaming, electronics, and plenty of others, along with restaurants and such scattered about, one place that does strike her as slightly odd beside the weapons would be an occult shop at least according to the sign. Though not having gone in she can't guess at its true nature. Finally, there's a fountain over in the mall's center with coins at its bottom and various entries into or out of the building. At least one in each cardinal direction, and a couple at the north which is the building's front. OOC: Mostly just fucking around here, though if anyone goes specifically into the weapon shop I will also be handling running that I suppose. Beyond that, just a minor thread to interact in character more than anything.
A girl about Hikari’s age wanders the mall wearing a long, black dress that goes down to her ankles. Her dress is perhaps a bit fancy, but aside from that the strangest thing is simply the fact she’s walking alone. The girl passes by Hikari, paying the other teen no mind as she begins to browse around the occult store.
[It had been a while since Kazuo decided to take a walk out in the middle of the night when nothing is happening. Then again, he was only worried he might run into Sana as usual. He could swear it's about three times a week they meet in more and more ridiculous contexts.] "What was it? A cave, a cave again, this mall, GYM, school..." [He could swear she's watching when he's... alone at home, which is honestly the creepiest part. Even so, he was already somewhat used to that stalker. Realizing he should instead think about something else. You know, like not meeting weird women for a change.] "Sun Mall works. Whoever came up with Malls is a genius." [Especially when it caters to his own tastes as he quickly walks towards the occult store, trying to find any new book about demons that he hasn't read just yet. Any obscure info could do.] "I've been curious about Africa's myths, wonder if they got something..." [He thinks out loud within the store with a spark in his eyes.]
Kazuo's worry would not be unfounded as one girl would be watching him, hiding in an artificial shrub. Asami would be carrying a camera with her, snapping a photo of the unsuspecting boy as he enters the occult store. As he enters the store, she then puts the camera away, watching his movements in the store from her hiding place with her eyesight that pierces obstruction.
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Hikari would glance over towards the occult store, she really doesn't know what to expect within it but... Hey, at least there's a familiar face to talk with, and she is into that kinda stuff too so why the hell not. "Yo, wasn't expecting to run into you tonight but what the hell. Wanna hang out for a bit?" It's a sharp contrast to a certain other girl he runs into far more often, merely a casual friendly greeting as she walks over towards the store with a wave at Kazuo. As for the boy's search, he would indeed be able to find... Well, something that looks like a real occult book of some stripe, the cover has no title and it appears to simply have a demonic summoning circle on its front, one Kazuo would note does in fact work if applied properly. Hikari tilts an eyebrow upward herself upon noticing that book in fact. "... Huh, guess maybe this place is the real deal? Or maybe only stumbled into it. Besides that, how've you been doing? We barely ever talk outside of doing stuff at the club and all, figure I might as well change that a bit." She'd shrug slightly while glancing around a bit more, looking over towards the girl in a black dress and narrowing her eyes for a moment while feeling something off before shaking her head and turning back to Kazuo with a slightly awkward smile.
it is only a few days left before she starts to move, Neko Mayuki was forced to stop by the mall to buy some stuff before she begins her school. today she wore some white jeans, a t-shirt that was written 'I'm a cat' with cute drawn cat faces in it, although you can see it in the front, she also wears her usual red blue hooded jacket that she can't replace for her life forever, she would definitely feel comfortable with it. she picked her cat-ear'd headphone and wore it on her face, picked her phone. "Hey, Kitty, tell me the list I should buy" she asked her phone. --"alright, here are the list, I'll read them for now!... errrr... let's see.... some pencils... more pens, 20 notebooks....also more cute stationary.... thisoneisdefinitlyimportant, MORE GAMES" the AI voice spoke in Neko's headphones, Neko sighed peacefully because of how cute this voice is. "well, I have to first buy materials for school and then go wander around the mall for fun I guess" Neko went to find the bookstore and see if they have the materials she needs.
"This looks so cliché it may be real, but I have my doubts, Not that I want to find out. I still have a long life to live." [Kazuo carefully checks the book as Hikari talks to him. He doesn't look at her as his eyes are glued to the book, but even so, he is paying total attention to her and the info he may or may not find out.] "I've been doing just fine. Just thinking of ways to kill time when we have no cases to chase after, Mom's either asleep or off working so I can't even talk to her too often." [He closes the book and looks back at Hikari, covering his mouth with the cover.] "Like... looking for a job. But don't tell anyone I'm doing that, okay? Emi-I mean..." [Kazuo clear his throat and tries to read the book again to act like nothing happened.] "Sumeragi-sensei may get worried."
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She examines the book a bit more closely, not really bothering to go deep enough to see if it has any magic about it. But it does interest her slightly. "Well, I kinda wanna find out if you don't. What's the worst that could happen, summoning an actual demon? Doubt anything we'd get from a random book is too strong, I mean hopefully at least." The young woman would then laugh a bit, a job huh... She can relate to that. Years of working various part time jobs have in fact taught her a lot about getting and manging such things. "Pff, I could try and help with that if you want? I've worked a few jobs over the years. I... Don't exactly much money really, or parents, or any family so you know. Had to find something to do. I'm currently working at a coffee shop sometimes, kinda a pain dealing with customers but eh it works out. Flexible hours too. What kinda work are you looking for?"
Asami narrows her eyes as she tries to interpret what Kazuo and Hikari were saying, leaning in further in an attempt to hear better. She considers just walking in the store, but realizes she would be out of place and may only annoy Kazuo. As a result of being distracted by this deliberation while still being leaned forward, she loses her balance and lets out a small wail. She manages to catch herself but still makes her hiding spot a little less subtle in the process
"I... am not exactly sure. I don't even know what I'll do after I graduate. Chances are I'll take up whatever comes to me at random for as long as it's not too weird or hard to do." [He considers the "coffee shop" bit about herself.] "Actually... being a waiter or something like that could be a good deal. Problem is... I would need to talk to people the entire time, and I uhm..." [He shrugs while gesturing at himself.] "You've probably heard the rumors about me at school. I kind of suck at... being normal and all. I think Sen doesn't even talk to me anymore because of all this, and that Nanaka chick outright evades me like the plague."
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Hikari's eyes would dart towards Asami for a moment... Before she just shrugs and keeps talking, it's not like this is some grand secret in the big scheme of things. And she probably can't hear it anyways so whatever. As for Kazuo's response, she'd place a hand on her chin while pondering for a moment. "Well, I can relate to not being great at the normal thing entirely. I'm kinda awkward outside of fights and occult investigations myself honestly, could try and talk to my boss but I'm not sure if she really needs more help around the place." She'd then chuckle upon the mention of those two names, shaking her head slightly while pondering why he'd even want to deal with them. "And eh don't worry about it, Tokiwa is just kinda stuck up in general. She won't acknowledge anyone in public who doesn't met her standards, the fact she's god damn one of us doesn't matter. Gotta put up a facade of perfection and normalcy despite I can feel her soul in a shiny ring. Probably best to not spread that fact around though." Megumiba though... She's less sure on that one. "Don't know about Megumiba though, never talked to her any even in passing honestly so I can't begin to guess on that one's feelings. Maybe just try and talk to her sometime though? Guessing at people's motives and thoughts is never any use ya know, best to just come out and be open about it if you really wanna know something."
"I would love to talk to Sen if we ever happen to meet again. Strange, isn't? We go to the same school every day and yet it feels like an eternity inside a jungle." [He decided not to comment on Nanaka. Hikari clearly knew something he didn’t, and he would rather keep it at that if possible. It sounds to him like a massive set of new problems he may not be ready to deal with.] "Oh, you don't need to ask your boss. Still, you mentioning it helps. Now I can have something in mind while I'm looking for some sort of part time thing."
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Strange... Sen Megumiba not seen around that much recently, could it be something happening? Or has he just been unlucky, the investigator in Hikari wants to go digging and looking for it. But she'll refrain for the moment, much like she'll stop herself from going into more detail on the magical girl. "Fair enough, I can mention it to her if ya want but I won't go too far outta my way looking. Wouldn't do to play wannabe detective for someone who to our knowledge isn't in any danger after all." As for the boss, that's probably best. That girl is a weird one too after all, working for her will probably lead to more madness in one's life by Hikari's guess. "And gotcha, yeah that kinda stuff is usually willing to hire high schoolers at least some of the time. Esepcially around now since the holiday season's coming up, gonna need temp workers for that most likely, retail too if you can stomach it. I worked at Junes for a bit a couple years ago, not good times." A question of hers though... Kind of a weird one, but whatever they're in an occult bookstore at the moment. "I'm curious by the way, you ever do any sparing Kazuo? I'd be interested to see how I stack up against you honestly, the one time I've been to that GYM place I was... Not very good yet, lost to some girl named Sayaka Miki. All those swords and that healing, it's kind of a pain, I have a counter to the second bit specifically now actually. Anyways moving on!" She'd blush slightly upon realizing she's drifted into tactical anyalysis so quickly without even noticing it, dammit that's a bad habit there. "I was wondering if you'd be willing to go a round sometime is all, need to see how I compare against others. Helps with getting ideas too, I'm very... Versatile I guess, when I think to put effort in learning a thing.."
"Sparring...?" [Kazuo blushes, like Hikari was asking him something very personal. Truth is, Kazuo had been sparring with Emi every other day for a while now as training. They keep it a secret at his own request, just so the others won't get involved out of pure pride of his own. As a result of these encounters, Kazuo's body has some obvious but not too notorious bruises, particularly around the arms and torso.] "I don't really fight at all these days, and my own abilities aren't very suited for a direct confrontation, y'know...?" [He lies as naturally as he breaths. Lucky for the young man, his clothing always hides every part of his body, except the hands, neck and face, that is. A black and green leather jacket, a long white dressing shirt and black pants go a long way.] "I work better in a team rather than in duels, I take a bit of time to get going and be on equal grounds with most." [He tells the truth at last.]
For now Kurumi browses the occult store herself. It was mostly stuff about myths and summoning demons, or those knockoff skulls they swear will let you talk to your deceased grandma. But none of that stuff seems to have any real power to it. The girl overhears a bit of Hikaru and Kazuo’s conversation, which brings a grin to her mouth. But she knows better than to butt in. Instead she walks up to the storekeeper to ask “Pardon me, but you wouldn’t happen to have anything about Spirits in the back, would you?”
Jessica, a girl with looks of 16, though that might be her real age, with and orange and purple hair and green eyes(in her spirit form, which she is in at the moment), and is fresh out of Hope´s Peak Academy (for the second time, quite like Byakuya), stops infront of the weapons shop, wanting to check out their wares, decides to go inside. When she gets in, the shopkeeper´s attention is drew to the sword on her left side, the revolver holestered on her right side, and the strange belt she is wearing around her waist: https://i.imgur.com/k223KfZ.jpg She then begins peruse the store, but he may questions, if he wants.
OOC: Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt but this question has to be asked. Jessica, since you go to Hope's Peak, what's your Ultimate title?
He wasn't paid enough to deal with whatever weirdos came asking about stuff, but here was was, having to do it anyways. Welcome, Nightmare Kurumi-san. "Eh...? Welcome, miss. If you are looking for evil spirits, ghosts, spectres, whatever, you should check in the back where those other two are. It's that big bookshelf in the middle of the other smaller ones." She's kinda cute though, this one-eyed otaku. He assumes it's some kind of chunni that has to hide their evil demon eye or something like that chick he met in middle school.
OOC: I am the Ultimate multi-tasker, since I am proficent in many, many, many different skill sets. I hope that answered your question Fayth.
OOC: Also, for clarification, I am basically like Hajime, but much more like Junko then is at all needed, like with my fashion sense half of the time (her color palette, as well her tie and her Monokuma themed hair clips) , as well as, well, yeah the pigtails thing sometimes, but honestly not all that often, but also the fact that I don´t have an Izuru or anything like, ´cause mines basically Junko, mixed with some of Kyoko´s personality traits (because I can). This does include her own personality changes, so yeah, that is, fun.
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A stumbling figure would appear. Their pace was unsteady and their body covered in a thick black cloak. The only thing notable was the metallic mask they seemed to be wearing beneath a shaded hood and black horns sticking out from under the hood. They'd be walking in a straight line until they noticed people within the area. The first innocent they saw they'd approach and in a deep and morphed voice they'd simply ask one thing. "Will you provide assistance?"
OOC: I am the Ultimate multi-tasker, since I am proficent in many, many, many different skill sets. I hope that answered your question Fayth. OOC: Ah, yes, and my persona is also God
OOC: Oh hush up will you, I mean, it´s not like pretty much everyone here isn't completely over powered as well (complete and utter lie, because everyone is insanely over powered)
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OOC: Oh, well if we're talking from a game balance perspective then its important to remember that power is relative, you can have games at a high power level (like Yugioh) or a low power level (like Magic) and have both be perfectly balanced. From a gameplay perspective, what matters is that the developers maintain a clear vision of around what level every card should be at and keep most of them in that neighborhood. (though of course some pieces simply aren't meant to be used, like all the 3 mana 3/3 vanillas Magic keeps printing to shove lore on.) Of course, this is more of a play than a card game. What one's abilities are is less important than that they not disrupt the narrative flow of a story. Just ask any D and D player and they probably have a few horror stories of people completely disrupting the flow for the heck of it. Heck, its so common that a third of the alignment chart and Rogues in general are memed about because of it.
"Much appreciated sir." Kurumi respectfully bows to the employee, thanking him for the directions before heading out. These kind of stores were usually just filled with junk anyways, but their directions did give the girl an excuse to get closer to something more interesting. An opportunity they'd be remiss not to take. So Kurumi calmly walks over to where Hikari and Kazuo are talking, reaching behind Kazuo to grab a book to investigate closer, only to bump into his shoulder on the pull back. The girl quickly steps back, holding the book tightly in one hand while bringing the other close to her lips "Sorry. You seemed busy and I didn't wish to interrupt you."
"Hm...?" [Kazuo "wakes up", it's as if he had been asleep for an entire day. His cheeks are still red, so it's been less than a minute. "Weird" He thinks. He turns to look at the girl he didn't know and shakes his head.] "No, it's okay. We shouldn't be speaking in the middle of a stores, my bad." [He makes an awkward expression, trying not to look at her too much out of embarrassment.]
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"Hm?" Seemingly clueless, the girl gives Kazuo an inquisitive glance, walking around him and leaning in an attempt to make eye contact with the boy "Is something wrong? I promise I won't bite... Yet." The girl lets out a lighthearted chuckle, not caring about the presence of others in the store.
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The Solar would chuckle a bit, so that's how it is huh... She could have guessed that, she supposes. It He didn't exactly seem too keen on rushing in close during the incident at school anyways. "I see, hmm... What about a tag team match then? I'm pretty good at keeping people distracted for a while, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get better at working with you if we're gonna investigate things anyways right. In fact I should probably try and find the time to do a bit of training with all the club members!" She'd slam her right fist into her left palm, grinning widely. It's such an obvious idea and yet she'd never even considered it up to now, this is why it's best to ponder ideas with others and all that she guesses. Of course before she can say anything else the young woman would look over to Kurumi, eyeing her curiously while pondering what to even say. Could just ignore it but eh, no sense in being needlessly unfriendly. So she'd offer up a grin while greeting the other girl in a cheery tone. Despite her awkwardness, she'll power through for now. "Not a big deal, yeah this probably isn't the best place to talk but whatever. Hikari Akimoto, nice meeting you I'm sure. You into the kinda stuff they sell around here too? "
"Bite? What are you saying...?" [He was confused, to say the least. He could consider the implications of what she just said, but then again, he dealt with far worse in the past in terms of girls being weird around him. If anything, Hikari so far was the more normal out of them all.] "Nothing's wrong, I think. Have we... met before by any chance or something to that effect?"
"Ara. You could say I have a... Passing interest in something here." Kurumi briefly pulls away from Kazuo, only to grab hold of the boy's arm while she turns to face Hikari "I wasn't interrupting anything between you two, was I?" The girl raises an eyebrow in confusion as she looks up at Kazuo. This boy was too easy to mess with, so she might as well have some fun while she's here "Ara ara. Surely you remember me right? After everything we've been through together. Don't step on my feelings like that..."
"Passing inte-what...!?" [There it is. Kazuo was both confused, embarrassed and slightly anxious about the whole situation. A lot of things pass through his head on what this may be about. His whole face is red.] "N-No, we are classmates. We were just... you know, talking and..." [Kazuo keeps his eyes elsewhere, anywhere but on Kurumi, let alone Hikari. He was worried she may start weird things again too, like every other girl he has met up until this point.] "S-Sorry, I don't know your name and your face doesn't ring any bell. I uh... I had a bit of an accident a while ago so... I can't really, remember. You know. Anything." [He doesn't even know why he doesn't remember anything prior to that year, but if there was any chance he actually knew this person then he may as well try to make up something on the spot if it'll help. Was this girl just messing with him?]
¨Hey, I would like to buy these. Also, how and where did you even get this Progrise Key and progrise hopper blade, may I know?¨ She is also getting a katana that reminds her of her old friend and ex-classmate, Peko Pekoyama. After she paying for her things, she decides to go to the occult shop where everyone else is, because she is bored and she wants to some ¨fake¨ occult stuff. The Key and Blade: https://i.imgur.com/VZ4fCLu.jpg
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The figure would drop the body of the innocent they had approached after having...done something to them. They were still alive and in fact were breathing even more intensely than before, lying on the ground, grasping their chest. The figure would simply back away from them before speaking further in a distorted deep voice. "Thank you for your consent but you unfortunately could not provide any assistance." They'd begin walking away, their posture more straightened out than before.
On her way to the occult store, Jessica comes across the mysterious cloaked figure doing... something to an innocent bystander. In her eyes is not great horror and shock, like you would expect, but instead, there is only anger, because of the mutual killings in her past at Hope´s Peak. ¨Hey! What did you to that innocent bystander!?¨
"Hiii~" {The girl announces her own presence as she skips into the mall's occult store with glee, an excessively fake smile on her face. Despite still having hair accessories, there was a party hat on her head that read "Happy Birthday" similar to the ones that kids would have in the typical birthday parties. She walks up to wherever Kazuo is because she immediately knew where he was, and grabbed Kurumi by the hair to yank her away from the boy with force. While she was tempted to spit on her for good measure, she instead talks with the degenerate.} "Hey Kazzie, what kind of store is this again?" {She says to him nonchalantly, making sure the distance between her and Kurumi was negligible at the very least, focusing on the boy with half-closed eyes and a smug smirk not even noticing his other conversation with Hikari that she had double interrupted.}
A figure would teleport right on top of the innocent bystander, instantly crushing their neck but they're okay. "Look who's talking... Jessica Afton." The strange women dressed like a pirate captain would point a futuristic looking gun at Jessica. "Now tell me, are you ready to repent for your past deeds!?""
"Ara ara. To think you've lost everything we made together." She hadn't expected to get such useful information out of this charade, but knowing this boy had a missing pass and was pretty easy to manipulate makes this much easier than she thought. For now, the girl pulls away from Kazuo, letting the young man go free as she turns to address Hikari "Tokisaki Kurumi." The girl doesn't get much further before Sana moves to grab her, only for Kurumi to sidestep and leave Sana grasping empty air. So this is who she's dealing with? Didn't seem impressive. "Ara ara. Getting jealous now are we?" Kurumi responds by glaring at Sana, a mischievious grin crossing her face. "Why don't you try looking for someone in your league? Leave the grown-up stuff to someone more mature."
{Sana bursts into laughter, shedding a single fake tear as she cackles at the girl. Who she just so happens to like. However that can't show right now. Not good for the conflicts that'll get her conscience excited for the endorphins.} "Jealous for some idiot who can't stand to be around anyone of the opposite gender without having some mental crisis? He's out of both of our leagues. Below mine because I'm better, and above yours because you're just a generic." {The girl decides merely to turn around, unphased that she conveniently walked at the right time and instead looks at her with her own facial expression, same glare and the same mischievious grin and everything.} "And I might as well tell you myself since you didn't pass the 5th grade to get this memo. Boys won't like you just because of an 'ara ara'. If you want to tell me to stay out of the grown up stuff, do a better job of maturing so you can actually go around using that phrase, skank."
[Kazuo now had but one desire: To die. There she is, Sana, meeting with this new girl named Tokisaki Kurumi. Great. The red in his face couldn't possibly get worse, but at the very least he was glad it was only Sana. Sen, Kokoro, Emi, their presence alone would make it much worse. By all means, the young man was glad he was dying by fires and not molten lava.] "R-Right, Tokisaki-san." [He looked at Sana, then a Kurumi. Again. And again.] "This is an occult store, filled with occult things. Isn't it obvious, you blue-haired freak?" [That's the best he could do for the moment. To say he can't think clearly would be an understatement.] "W-Wait, miss. I mean, Tokisaki-san. So we do know each other from something...? What is this "we made together"? Were we... friends?" [He makes a terrible attempt at a smile, just so the two of them didn't get into some kind of fight. "I'm sorry, Hikari. This has to be super awkward to watch. I'll pray for your safety." He thinks.]
¨Okay, two things. How did you know my birth name? And also, what past deeds? I have never killed anyone before, even after I died and became Lolbit.¨ But, of course, being the overly cautious person she is, henshins with the metal cluster hopper progrise key she bought earlier, also wielding the progrise hopper blade, just incase.
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Mary smirks, curling her index finger around the trigger of the futuristic gun. "Heh, you really thought I wouldn't find out? Guess you don't know who you're dealing with. Either way, prepare to meet your maker!" The innocent bystander pulls out a foam finger, rooting for Mary rigorously. Mary then pulls the trigger, shooting an energy blast at Jessica.
"Kehehehe..." soon enough Kurumi joins Sana in laughter. Their stubbornness was kinda cute, but they still didn't matter in the end. They were amusing, like a new toy. But nothing more. "Ara ara. Such a nasty temper. If he's so far beneath you, then surely you won't mind if I..? Earlier she was trying to mess with Kazuo, but this next attempt to grab the boy's arm is simply to see the look on Sana's face. Its not like there was any risk here after all. And with Kazuo buying her every word, she was in a better position to toy with them both "Friends? Oh it ran much deeper than that. You were going to help me with something. Something no one else could do..." Kurumi hugs Kazuo's arm tighter, letting that act as emphasis while letting everyone else fill in the blanks on their intent.
Jessica cuts right through the blast with her blade, but she is left utterly confused. ¨What are you talking about? Why would anyone, past, present, or future, try to target a target of murder herself, having just survived my second mutual killing life at Hope´s Peak Academy. So why, I ask you. Why!?¨
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{As soon as Kazuo tries to speak to her, her happiness fades. Instead of laughing out loud, she merely says the acronym as she looks at the boy with disgust. Because of this, she easily forgets Kurumi exists for a second.} "Lol, more occult things. Why are you calling me a freak when you're still interested in this stuff?" {Until she starts to whore herself out again, whispering some nothings in his ear. Instead of reacting, she smiles with her eyes closed, clasping her hands together as if she were some french rich girl donating to some peasants.} "And go on Kazzie. Believe in her and see what happens. If you're lucky, it'll only be some STDs~"
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The Solar just groans heavily while watching... Whatever the hell this is, and she can also tell something rather important... The moment the black-haired girl had claimed to know Kazuo, she'd have turned to the power within her and used it to perice through lies and decit in the words of those nearby. Which rather quickly reveals the girl's falsehood. "Oi, Tokisaki. What's with lying about having met him before, I can only assume amusement given you probably don't have any real motive for it... Right? I'll admit it's kinda funny, but I'm not about to let you jerk around a friend just for a cheap laugh. And don't bother trying to fool me, I'm a lot more perceptive than you might expect. " She'd stare between her friend and Tokisaki, not even really bothering to spare Sana a glance at the moment. The blue haired girl doesn't even seem the effort given she honestly thinks of people as generics and thinks herself so much better than Kazuo. "Come on, you can tell the truth now right? No sense in digging that hole deeper."
Asami zooms into the occult store in an instant, appearing as nothing more than a bright blur like Sonic but sun-colored. She appears just in front of Kurumi, seemingly feeling exactly what Kurumi would expect Sana to fill, Asami's own face being red and anxious. "K-kurumi-chan! W-what a coincidence you'd be here with Kazzie of all people! ...And Hikari-chan too. You guys having a playdate or something?" She then gently wraps her arms around Kazuo, severely contrasting with her usual tackle-hug.
The blast is cut in half and reformed as he collides with the wall in front of Jessica, forming an orange portal which a large vanity mirror is on the other side of. "You really don't get it, do you?" Suddenly, all life in the mall disappears from Jessica's view, and it would be as if the world itself was reverse. Whatever was on the right side of Jessica would now be on the left. "I watched Mona-chan bleed out myself, and I made sure to commit to memory the face of the person「Moody Jazz」turned into. I know for a fact it was you! Don't you dare try to talk your way out of this!"
"Youuu…! You mean... something like..." [Kazuo couldn't even cover his face, but his mind and heart were reaching their limit.] "Hol....holding hands or something like that?" [Normally he would understand right away. The problem is that his mind had a massive block and even his ancestors would wish death upon him. He was not even capable of biting back at Sana, it was a bit more than he could take at this time. But then, Hikari comes like he sun vanquishing the darkness of the night; his knight in shining armor even.] "W-What, what do you mean li-" [He panicks again as soon as Asami gets involved, losing concentration.]
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¨You know what? I am done with people trying to kill me for what my other self, Junko Enoshima, has done! Also what use would killing someone who is already be, exactly?¨ By the way, in my au, Junko is basically a part of me, and not the mastermind,that role would be filled by Kyoko kirigiri
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"ara ara. You've really found me out." Now that she's been called out by someone with an inkling of what's happening there's no reason to pretend anymore. Kurumi lets Kazuo go, satisfied leaving him with Asami instead. Sana was spitting insults like usual, so there was no need to mind them. Instead she draws closer to Hikari, a wicked grin crossing her face as her right eye gleams. "I just wanted to have some fun. Maybe eat him up later. You're just friends, so you shouldn't have a problem with that right?" All of which are true of course, but worded in such a way as to leave their actual meaning open to interpretation. Asami wasn't really worth acknowledging at this point, she'd rather take this chance to probe Hikari's defenses too.
{As she forgets she's on weed edibles, the girl immediately blows her cover just to laugh at Kazuo as he's off being an idiot some more. Sana's face is slightly flushed red, similar to her blushing.} "Pffft, lmao. Hey Hikari, go use your disney brand perception powers so you can see whether or not him being this dense is actually true. I bet that his dumbass is trying his best to wrap his stupid tiny brain around it soo haard-" {She chuckles to herself, not even knowing about Asami's existence as she has fun being the only one amused. Of course, Kurumi could also be amused but she's just a generic so her feelings don't even matter.}
"You're still responsible for what your other self does."
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The Solar just stares over, placing a hand in her right pocket while giving Kurumi a blank stare The actual meaning of those words isn't lost on her, and it would get a response of... Bland disinterest mostly. "I see, so that's how it is huh... I kinda would have a problem with you devouring my friend alive, actually. I'm kind of surprised that's not a half-truth or anything, and it makes me seriously question what exactly you are. But I can't say I care too much in the end." Sana would only be given the girl's middle finger in response, she really doesn't have the time to deal with this kind of idiocy while trying to figure out someone who is apparently an actual cannibal. One with unknown supernatural powers and most likely a willingness to use them, Sana's powers of underestimation are truly impressive but that's not the point at the moment. "And oi Apollo's sister, I don't know if this is the best time for you to be hanging around... But yeah we should probably get going soon Kazuo, this has been an interesting meeting and all but I for one could use some food, my treat." She really is a bit hungry, but it's more just an excuse to get moving at this point. Hanging around the occult devourer of human beings has very little appeal even to a demi-god of violence like herself.
Asami would seemingly lose interest in Kazuo at the mention of food, releasing the lad and turning to Hikari expectantly. "Ah, come to think of it, it has been a really long time since I've had anything to eat. I didn't even think of that..."
¨No, I really do not, since when she is in control, I do not have any sort of input on her actions, so I am truly sorry about your friend, though I know Junko isn't, she probably actually just really enjoys your despair.¨
"You are not the CEO." Rips plant from ground.
OOC: I do not know your there you realize, right? Because of Mary Sue´s grudge against me, though I do not where this even came from. Also, haven't you heard about alternate timelines?
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[After Hikari's support, Kazuo is for the most part capable of taking a few deep breaths and have his mind and heart return to a general sense of normalcy. He had to consider what was being said and what just happened. "Eat", messing with him, the lies. What was it all for? And Asami already knows this one?] "Right, eating. Let's do that but first... I guess. I still have a few things bothering me." [Now that no one was pushing themselves against him, he only needed to remain calm whatever happens.] "Tokisaki-san. You... are you a demon?" [He asks while staring at girl. If she looked back, he wouldn't back away from meeting her gaze with his own. Not that it mattered to him. He wanted to get rid of a few ideas.] "I have a hard time believing you approaching us was a mistake. I've been out in the streets for far too long. Do you even know my full name?"
"Very well, then." Mary tosses Jessica a vial of a mysterious liquid. "This potion will remove the Junko Enoshima personality permanently and solve the problem. It will also undo every murder she ever caused directly or indirectly."
A purple cat sits at a table covered by a blue cloth. She stares at the chaos of Jessica and Mary nearby then looks into an imaginary camera. “Yeah, I don’t get it either. It’s a disconnected mess of franchises. Even I have consistent branding. Power of God and preteen Warriors fans on my side. I could analyze the tangled mess of writing but I should get back to NPC duties.” She covers herself with a velvet cloak so all anyone sees is a vaguely person-shaped figure sitting at this booth. A sign advertises fortune telling services.
Mary points the Xenoblade at Gleamstar "How did you get in here this is the inside of a mirror no living thing can enter or exit here except what I allow to with my stand, 「Mirror Man」"
A muffled voice comes out from the cloak. “Rule of comedy. Don’t overthink it.”
"Ara ara. I can't go around revealing all my secrets can I? As a girl surely you understand" Kurumi jokingly asks Hikari. For better or for worse, this was as far as she was talking for now. As long as they went in groups it would be fine after all. Kurumi gazes deep into Kazuo's eyes. Saying nothing for a few seconds, only to answer by brushing aside her bangs for a second as she turns away. It was only a glimpse, but Kazuo would doubtlessly notice that her left eye was bright yellow in color. A more perceptive person could make out the clock-like pattern within it. A pattern that already counted down to read 11, with the small wedge between 11 and 12 o clock seeming dimmer than the rest. With that, Kurumi starts to walk away from the Occult store "Your friend has the right idea. My time's rather important, so I'm going to find something to eat."
Jessica then starts crying, since Junko has been there for since her birth. "I do not want to lose you Junks. You have always been my first and best friend, despite your quirks." she says sadly, as she starts to sob uncontrollably, as she has Junko, in her head, try to calm her down. and I thought having my be able to use pratically any stand was overpowered, but you are, using multiple different stands
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"Oh, you seem to be mistaken, you wouldn't lose Junko. You see, as the mixture passes through your system it absorbs Junko's Aetherical Energy and recreates her as an entirely new person who would still be your friend and not want to kill people." Mary smirks, pointing the Buster Sword at Jessica. "Of course, it's a choice between that and fighting for your life right here." It's actually a single stand you just don't know how it works. Don't be a hypocrite
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"Name's Kazuo Takahara." [He suddenly raises his voice as he watches Kurumi move away from them. He did notice the eye; although he didn't get what was up with the timer, the yellow made it all the more obvious this was not normal. Shadows, Emi's own past, demons. It could be anything. At the same time, he feels like he still isn't considering a possibility.] "Next time, at least use my name, Tokisaki-san." [He didn't feel any sense of danger from her but that didn't mean he didn't feel the strange, obscure intent. His tone of voice is unlike the way he normally speaks, commanding, precise and confident.] "I'll be ready next time, when you get hungry."
{Instead of being perceptive openly, Sana decides to leave an insult for Kurumi out of the door. Because they should surely know about it anyway, even if it was some small little feature that sets up for some kind of stupid sequel bait.} "Wow, she just said a time pun. Surely that should be enough for you all to know about that stupid left eye she's flaunting about." {Sana goes and walks up to Kazuo, looking at him with another smug expression similar to the one that drunk people would have. Except for the lack of slurs, she just feels slightly red, the party hat on her head tilting slightly.} "Hey Kazuo, I really hope that ain't some way of saying you're into that, lmao. But either way, there's another girl to put on the check list for you know what." {She takes a glance at Hikari and Asami before continuing onwards, making sure to take them out of her own mind due to them not mattering at the moment.} "If you accept Hikari's date invitation, I hope you have fun loser, lol."
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“Okay, I know this is kind of a Mary Sue cockfight right now, but important question: if you’re legal, can I have your number, Mary? I’m single right now so hit me up.” Gleamstar winks. “Anyway, before a higher power goes to sleep and makes me an NPC again, that offer extends to you too Jessica. Of course, if you don’t want to date, I also offer character counseling sessions. First one’s free. Just call me for details.”
Jessica thinks about it for a moment, her tears running down her face. "Okay, I will drink it, but, again, how could you kill someone who is already dead?" she says as she drinks the liquid, as she feels very, very weird. I'm not being hypocritical, though it is funny that, if I wanted to, I could just leave the mirror, using Man in the Mirror's abilities
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"Um, I'm already married to the love of my life, a young girl a little younger than me, her names Emily, so, sorry."
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The Solar would offer Kurumi a wink while replying to her words, just smirking slightly and pulling her hand out of her pocket. Sounding mildly flirty in fact while she stares into the girl's eyes. "I'll be ready next time too, if you're interested~ I'm not Kazuo of course, but I'm interesting in my own ways~" For a brief moment the image of a glorious sunburst would form on her forehead, Kurumi would likely notice the overwhileming aura of power that can be felt as it glows. Easily on par with the likes of spirits in raw might, if perhaps a bit lacking in control over the energy. Either way it's gone as soon as it appears while begins walking out. "Anyway I'm heading out, feel free to tag along if you wanna Kazuo. Or not, up to you man. And heh, a date huh? If you wanna say it's that then fine with me Sana, I don't have anything to prove to you after all." She'd just shrug a bit while staring over at the blue-haired girl. "Why bother getting worked up over comments that are just to try and anger me, that's only giving you what you want so nah." She's dead calm while heading out from the store, waving to Sana dissmissively and just smiling a bit as she walks at a reasonably slow pace so as not to lose Kazuo if he decides to join her.
The liquid does the thing I said it did. The arc is solved. "I can kill dead things with the powers I gained in purgatory. And yes, Gleamstar, you may join my harem. Please take off your clothes." You wouldn't be able to summon Man In The Mirror because I wouldn't allow it through the mirror and I can also keep you in the mirror with Beach Boy
“I’m already naked 24/7~! Anyway, Jessica, here’s my card in case ya need counseling or therapy or something. Bye!” She leaves the card on the table then goes back into NPC mode.
"Ara ara... Such strange people." Kurumi remarks before heading out for good. She'd never found anyone who seemed excited to be eaten. It was actually kinda disturbing, but they doubtlessly planned on fighting anyways. Unlike Hikari, Kurumi feels no need to reveal anything about herself at this point. Instead the girl has nothing left but to leave the mall, vanishing into the shadows as soon as she's out of sight. It was then, the hunt would begin.
"Also that wasn't a cockfight. This is a cockfight." A chicken teleports in and punches Mary square in the jaw, to which Mary responds by punching it multiple times with Star Platinum. The chicken then uses The World to stop time and throw knives at Mary "Fuck. Shit."
"Ah, actually..." [Kazuo takes a deep breath as he sees Kurumi go away. After Hikari's invitation, he has another idea now that he can properly think things through. He would focus his gaze on Sana and stare in silence for a few more seconds.] "...The night isn't so bad, do you want to go out with me for once?" [He remains completely calm as he speaks.] "You could call it a date too if you want."
Jessica goes up and picks up the card left on the table for her. I have my own stand, it's just that I can use any other stands abilities. Also, sorry, for not having watched Vento Aureo in a while, there forgeting about Man In The Mirror's abilities
"Why not just let my stand in here so I can help?"
Mary talks inbetween punches exchange by her and the chicken. "No, I have to fight my own battles." The chicken then pulls out a gun and starts shooting at Mary, who enters bullet time and hits the bullets back at him.
{Sana's high gaze and smile persisted as she prepped herself for whatever half-assed reply that Kazuo could come up with for whatever he was planning, just like Hikari thinking she was slick for thinking she cared about not having a reaction from her behavior. However, her smile dropped as soon as she heard the question. As if being high was some non-issue for her. Sana felt like her original self for just a split second before she closes her eyes for just a few minutes, then looking past Kazuo and at Hikari, mouthing a simple:} "...what the fuck is your friend doing?" {Before going back to Kazuo. She raised one eyebrow and had something similar to a frown, but her red face flushed with a bit more blush. The girl audibly hears the gears in her mind struggling to turn, as she starts to ask the boy some average questions.} "...I don't know what you're talking about. It was already nighttime? You must be hallucinating. I'm taking you to a mental hospital. For once? Are you talking to Hikari? She's that way, blind ass. I'll turn you around if you're that much of a baby-" {And none of them were a straight up denial to his request.}
" 'kay. Gonna take a nap now. Wake me up when we can leave, Junks."
Asami narrows her eyes at Kazuo, shaking her head and running up to Hikari's side. "So, what kind of food do malls have, anyway?" She curls her right hand around Hikari's left.
"I'm talking to you, Sana." [It seemed like Sana didn't... particularly like the sudden choice of words but he was going to run with it anyways. He couldn't read this woman, at all.] "And I'm being serious with this. There's no school tomorrow and mom is at work until 8 in the morning. I have time if you do so... do you want to spend the rest of the night with me?" [Once again, his tone is absolutely serious. Perhaps his phrasing could use some work but he was definitely doubling down on the "date".] "No stalking, just this once."
The figure would continue walking forward, disregarding any crowds that might be around. In fact, most people seemed naturally inclined to avoid a figure covered in dark robes with horns. It also didn't help that the innocent from before was now following behind them sobbing loudly. However, they would be changed as well. Their skin would be turning a volatile shade of purple and their eyes no longer had pupils, just a vicious red filling them. Their teeth would also become sharper and they'd begin smiling despite crying. The figure would stop as soon as they realized they were being followed. Without turning around they'd just speak up once more. "I do not require further assistance. Be on your way." The figure would continue walking as the now corrupted innocent would make a inhuman noise before lunge at others in the crowd with an intent to tear at them.
"Pfft, you mean to tell me you still live with your mom? You loser..." {Despite Sana still trying to make light of his efforts, they start to settle in. Her mind starts to go in a disarray before she eventually stops with the questions. Sana would glance downwards with a blank gaze, playing with her hair as she almost looks depressed.} "...loser..." {The girl mutters to herself as she starts to go deep in thought, her eyes getting even more blank to the point where the pupils almost disappear. It almost goes to the point where her gaze gets darkened, but instead of letting that happen she merely laughs to herself.} "Heh, okay. Sure. Fine. I'm not saying yes. I'm saying..." {Before inevitably thinking once again, trying her best to sidestep her way out. Yet something in the back of her mind stops her. She pouts, avoiding eye contact as she lightly blushes for real this time. Sana thinks back on what she would be missing back at home before sighing.} "...yeah."
[Kazuo was watching the entire time. As the girl was seemingly struggling with...herself? He didn't get it completely, there was a lot about her he didn't know. Even so, he understands that kind of feeling. "Sadly" he thinks.] "Took you long enough." [He would reach for his phone and look for Hikari in his contact list. "I'm sorry I didn't tag along. I promise I will next time. I had this impulse. It's difficult to explain, but I'm going to be with Sana for now. Be careful on your way back home. See you at school." He sends the message. Fair is fair, it was rude of him to suddenly shift gears.] "...I'm sorry for what I did to you back then, leaving you in that cave. That thing about leaving you unconscious and then ditching." "Back then, I felt differently about everything. Like everyone was my enemy, people I had to be wary of and use." [He rubs the back of his head and then clear his throat.] "If an apology won't do, then at least let me make it up to you now."
"What do you even mean by that..." {She says, rolling her eyes at his comment about her reluctance. Sana starts to play with her hair more as she feels the hangover kick in way earlier than it was supposed to, even though it hasn't been a day. She curses the stupid boy as he's being nice to her for causing this despite having no part in the weed that started it.} "No shit dipshit- ahem, I mean, you think so? I guess...if you did it just to hang out with...me..." {She was about to jump back into a rabbit hole of self doubt before she sighs out, doing her best to keep up with what the boy is trying to propose. Her eyes struggle to keep a warm gaze in contact with his, instead switching to a glare every few seconds just to try and get herself and what she was doing before back together.} "Well...ugh, I'm not even about to ask why. What are you even about to do? What kind of surprise are you going to pull out of nowhere?" {Instead of trying harder, Sana's eyes gives up and looks off to the side again.}
"I'll do what I do best." [He simply smiles at Sana, albeit awkwardly. He then puts his hands inside his pockets as he begins heading out the occult store.] "I'll improvise something for us to do. Whatever happens, happens, right? But for anything to happen at all you should make up your mind and walk beside me. C'mon, before it rains or more weirdos show up." [He would be aiming to leave the mall, and although he was trying not to be too obvious about it, he was looking behind him to make sure Sana would follow.]
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Hikari would wave to the pair absently, leaning back against a wall as she looks around and checks her phone. After a few moments the young woman would begin typing up a reply. "Don't sweat it, seems like trying to get that one to be even remotely decent is like pulling teeth so I hardly blame ya for taking the chance. Have fun. And I'll be fine, you know I can take care of myself." Even if the weird presumably time warping loonie is lurking about. And... She notices a fight breaking out, or more aptly civilans screaming and panicking while some thing tries to rip them apart, the Lawgiver mutters a swear around her breath as the gleaming gold bat forms into her hands. "Yo, you've got bigger things to do than attack random bystanders for the moment!" She's not clueless enough to miss the man who'd commanded this thing as her weapon flies directly at the corrupted human with inhuman strength and speed, a skilled blow aiming straight for its teeth while she bursts forward and allows power to flow through her weapon, an aura of blazing fires building up around it and enhancing the weapon's damage significantly. She'd also shout out to the figure. "I don't suppose you and I could just talk about why ever you happen to be doing this? All things considered, that sounds more appealing than just beating the crap out of each other till one of us bites it." She doesn't expect to get much of anywhere with talking, but it doesn't hurt to try. And she does at least still have the supernatural ability to see through lies going at the moment, which also luckily happens to reveal which parts are decitful in half-truths and such. She's mostly hoping to figure out something useful about them for now.
The corrupted humanoid would seemingly be knocked back by the blow, a black smoke leaking from their body rather than blood. They'd slowly try to get back up but their body was unstable, as if they'd forgotten how to properly use their legs. The figure would look back at Hikari, cold white colored eyes could be seen through the metallic mask they were wearing under their hood. "I have a mission to fulfill. I asked for assistance and they consented. Unfortunately, their mind was devoid of anything useful. It's regretful but I will have to be more thorough with my search in the future." The figure seemed to tense up slightly seeing Hikari's weapon. It seemed to understand the threat she seemed to pose at very least.
Asami follows behind Hikari, sighing irritantly as the latter decides to strike the affected civilian. "Uhhh... you probably didn't have to do that, I can just..." Asami holds her hand out towards the affected civilian. A serene light is emitted around him, undoing the process by which he was corrupted.
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The young woman would stare down her most present foe, looking over at its black smoke leaking form while holding her weapon at the ready. She's a bit shocked to hear the one who created this thing speaking, but she can work with it for now. "I see... So what exactly is this mission of yours? It must be something important, if you're so willing to risk people's lives for it. And if you don't mind my asking, is there any way to repair what's happened to them?" She isn't gonna press the offenseive at the moment, she really is hoping to get through this without coming to full blows in the middle of a mall. Too many people around, too much collateral damage to be caused, and that puts her on the back foot in a fight. Besides, it would be ideal to fix this victim if possible.
{In response to his awkward smile she rolls her eyes again, giving out a chuckle that wasn’t intended to be followed up with an insult. She shakes her head as she replies.} “Pfft, heh. No need...I’m already walking with a weirdo.” {Despite entering with a fake smile, she leaves the occult store with an almost genuine smile, at least when he wasn’t looking. She follows behind Kazuo as she also puts her hands in her jacket pockets. Mostly to text on it. She sends a message to her contacts who are offscreen.} “Though, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to plan this more. But we already know you’re stupid so whatever.”
The process at first seemed to begin undoing itself but something dark seemed to overtake the affected individual once again. Even more so than before as there body began to move almost like a doll being dragged back to its feet. Their arm would begin forming a thick black smoke over it that would solidify into a sharp point. They seemed intent on stabbing Asami as her power seemed to irritate whatever was controlling them in some way. The figure would stare back at Hikari. There didn't seem to be any dishonesty whatsoever from their words. It was almost like a machine simply stating things as they were. "I am looking for someone and I was using that person's memories in order to figure out how this world functions better since they agreed to help me. Unfortunately, they did not posses any knowledge about that person's whereabouts. I am able to now use this body more effectively but that was all I have gained." The figure would look back the the person as their form became more unstable but they'd simply look back to Hikari blankly. "Repair? I do not understand. They are still functional as they are."
[Kazuo sighs as both head into the unknown of the night.] "You can't win them all, can you?"
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Shit, the Solar would rush forward to block for the child. Her bat gleaming as she makes an effort to block the attack with and offer up a response to the strange figure. She's willing to guard Asami for the moment, but she's more focused on this conversation all told. "Generally speaking, in this world it's considered a bad thing when people are driven to attack others. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, leaving behind a trail of folks like that would drive people to try and hunt you down and put a stop to it. And I'm far from the most dangerous person around this place with my shiny weapon here. It'd be more efficent to take greater care with them, if only to avoid needless conflicts on your end. " Aruging morality already seems a lost cause with a creature like this, but maybe if she can convince it that leaving a wake of damages behind will hinder its goals more than aid them? That seems a more likely to work tack of arugement in such a case than anything else anyways. "And who is this person you're looking for? I doubt that just asking random folks on the street is the best way to find them."
"I'll note that for future reference. However, I did not drive them to attack others. That was the influence of the negative energy placed within them as part of the memory absorption process." Oddly, the figure seemed to need a moment to think about Hikari's second question. Apparently it seemed unsure itself. "They would likely have a pale complexion beyond any normal humans, silver hair, and black horns like the one's I have. They are broken beyond repair and I have been sent to extract them. Likely, they would have a lower guard as they are not aware that I have been sent yet so it's possible that they would appear in a normal setting."
Asami would move to evade the attack before she notices Hikari moving to block it. "Eh? That's..." Asami stumbles to think of a polite way to voice the non-necessity of Hikari's protection, ultimately deciding to not out of respect. "And is there anyway to get rid of that negative energy?"
"If I ordered it to separate itself from that person then it would do as such." The figure would very bluntly state that but seemed to just continue watching over events as they would unfold. The figure would then however turn away and begin walking away. "I must return to my mission now. I see no point in wasting anymore time if you cannot assist me." The still possessed innocent would hiss at Hikari before the blade like appendage would shatter before forming back into black smoke. The smoke would now seem to flow out from their mouth and move around Hikari. Bits of the smoke would harden into sharp shards that would being flung at Hikari from every frontal direction.
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The older girl would pause for a second, that's... Actually useful, she can work with that to an extent. There's only so many super pale people with horns running around even a massively weird city like Tokyo. "I see, so mental fortitude is required to survive this process without a similar result then? I could probably handle it, but I don't exactly want you digging through my memory. And I haven't seen this person either..." A lower guard huh, that could be useful. And if this is what a functional one does, she doesn't want to think about what a broken example might be like. Maybe there is a peaceful way to work this out? "If you find them, would you then bring them back to your own world? I don't know where they are, but I'm good at finding people and I can no doubt help bring them in if needed. I'm also curious what exactly being 'broken' means in this context." It almost sounds too easy to just help with this, maybe 'broken' means they've just decided to live thier own life or something like that. If that were the case she wouldn't be able to. Of course the shards rushing at her causes the Solar's combat insticts to fly to life full force, her bat spinning around with impossible speed as its flames roar to stronger life. Aiming to simply melt down the hardened smoke shards and cause them to splash against her. Of course if that failed she'd likely be getting hurt a decent bit, but that's the risk you take in a fight.
The shards of smoke were surprisingly fragile however, rather than melting they simply seemed to just burn away and return to the smoke. The smoke itself would retreat back to the possesed as they seemed to pause a moment and grabbed at their own head panting. The figure would look back at Hikari for a moment. "No, high mental strength wouldn't help. The negative energy has a will of it's own. It's made up of the evil that exists within the person effected's memories. It is the excess I do not absorb given form." They seemed to consider Hikari's offer but for a moment a bit of hesitation could be seen from their behavior. "They were once my... I do know how to relate it in terms you would understand. Perhaps the word is prodigy. they are the 15724th and I am the 15723rd. They came to this world with a separate mission but they were gone to long and thus their connection to the creators was severed. That is what it means to be broken. I must hurry and find them, the longer I spend here the more likely the process is to repeat. Only a full invasion of this world will commence if that were to happen. However, I won't become broken like them. I have no need for such pointless things."
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She'd keep focused on the victim for the moment, that answer on the energy is worrying but good to know. She might just be getting somewhere at the moment, if she can get them to make a deal... "I see, understood. A simple deal then, I'll provide assistance in your search until we reclaim them. An invasion doesn't benefit me, and finding them faster benefits you. In exchange all I ask is that you reclaim this negative energy that's infected this person's mind. It's a lotta work on my part for very little on yours, but admittedly I have as much to gain as you by stopping a full-scale attack. If not more." A war isn't something she relishes the idea of starting, especially not one with invaders from another world entirely. Getting them out of here as soon as possible seems the most efficent method to stop that, at least for now. She can only hope they see it the same way.
For a moment the figure seems unresponsive. They'd stare blankly at Hikari with pure indifference as if they weren't even listening whatsoever. There'd be no reaction... Just a simply word. "Okay." The figure would lift a hand up towards the possesed actually causing the sleeve to unravel slightly, showing a pale colored hand underneath. The skin tone almost could just be called inhumanly pale just as they described. "Separate." With that simple phrase the smoke would leak out of every pore of the poor afflicted individual. It would condense above them as they fell to the ground, their body reverting to normal. The cloud of smoke would begin forming what seemed to be parts of a human skeleton. A skull, spine, and arms would be present within it's mass with a strange glowing symbol on the entities forehead. Darkness and Smoke: "You...come...embrace me..." The entity of smoke would seem to become enraged by the sudden change that had occurred. It no longer tried to simply attack Hikari but now seemed to expand it's body trying to engulf her in smoke in order to choke her. She'd also find that simply touching the smoke seemed to slowly cause burns, however they didn't seem to be normal burns caused by flames but rather were the result of a primordial type of darkness being heavily concentrated within the smoke itself.
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The flames of her weapon would roar up to stronger life, holy light radiating off it at the same time and trying to push the smoke and darkness back. In the end a weapon like this acts as an amplifer of its master's natural power, and her own of course comes from the sun and its holy light. In theory such a power should be especially destructive to a creature made of evil and darkness, but if it will be enough to force the thing to stay back as she swings the weapon with its blinding aura toward it she can't be sure of. "I suppose I did only ask for them to be released, which is fine. Hopefully this darkness being gone isn't too great of a loss, if I can even get rid of it. Honestly curious to test that, unless you strongly object." The risk to her life from such a thing is out weighed by her desire to see how it reacts to the blazing radiance being used to confront it at the moment. Though if it actually managed to sneak past her guard and into her lungs purging it would become, much more tricky.
"It is irrelevant to my mission. Destroy it or do not as you wish." The smoke would seem to back away as Hikari swung the weapon. Somehow keeping it's distance as the skull watched from within, the symbol on it's head glowing vibrantly with a putrid black light. Suddenly the mass of smoke seemed to grow slightly smaller. Jagged blades of darkness would stretch out from within, twisting and bending through the air, making sharp turns in unnaturally ways. Finally, 3 blades in total would bend and contort towards Hikari, attempting to stab through her shoulders and left leg.
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Good enough for her, the young woman wouldn't waste any time then. The first of the blades she simply evades without any fanfare, the second she'd manage to deflect with her weapon... The third manages to sink into her leg... And glowing white hot fire imbued with holy power bursts out from the wound with impressive force however and would likely send it away while cauterzing her to prevent any bleeding as well. It hurts, but it's probably better than allowing a sword made of horrible darkness to stay near her for long. "Vanish now." It's less a request, and more of an order to the world itself as her Essence begins moving wildly. The bat's power doesn't grow from this expense of might, but for a brief moment it does seem to exist in three places at once. One blow comes from directly behind the beast, one from in front of it reaching forward. And finally a wide side swipe, all of which blaze with the same flames that had sent it flying away in evasion. She's kind of hoping that between all the angles of attack here, at least one of them would land a hit given they all take place within the exact same moment. Above covers it going down or up, behind covers it attempting to retreat backward, and the side swipe should cover any sudden jerks left or right. At least that's the theory behind this defiance of physics.
At first the entity seemed like it wouldn't have any problems with her series of attacks The skull would simply move back and forth to avoid both the back attack and the front attack with the only notable thing being the smoke getting wiped away from the flames power. Of course, the lack of smoke left the skull at the center of the entity open to the final wide swing, giving it little to no time to react. The skull would shatter into pieces, destroying the symbol on its forehead as well. With that, the smoke would begin dissipating as well, only leaving behind the unconscious individual who had been possesed in the first place. The figure would move towards Hikari and simply gesture towards her leg. She'd begin feeling the cells themselves becoming excited before rapidly regenerating any damage that had been done. "Give me your name. I require it to contact you again."
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"Hikari Akimoto, is there anything I need to contact you later?" The young woman doesn't fully trust this person, but they haven't been lying to her at least which is something. And finding their target... Well, she wants a chance to talk with the broken one anyways. With any luck their words won't make it more complex, but she isn't getting her hopes up. Either way for this second there isn't much else to be said. If only because she doubts her new, all of sorts wants to waste more time on talking that isn't strictly mission useful.
"No. As long as I know your name I will be able to reach you at any point." With that the figure would begin walking away not worrying about anything else that their appearance might've brought. She'd only stop for a moment as if to reconsider something. "15723. Gredelese 15723. That is my designation. Goodbye." [i]Finally, the figure would leave having no further reason to remain here.[/i]
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"Understood, I'll begin my own search as well. The faster we're done with this the better." Sleep is overrated, and like Kazuo said they don't school tomorrow anyways so screw it. Starting trying to run an investigation off vague description and nothing else. Sounds like the kind of thing another Hero might be better suited for, but she's the one who showed up tonight so she'll do it. The Solar would simply begin leaving as well while she ponders what kind of person the missing one might be, but in the end there's no way to know and speculation helps nobody. So her divine relic vanishes back to Elsewhere and one Hikari Akimoto sets off. Trying to comb the city is gonna be a pain, but she hasn't got any better plans for now. Hopefully supernaturally enhanced senses to see and hear everything around her can help there a bit. OOC: And with that, she's gone as well. Though if anyone besides Jessica visits the weapons shop I'll be watching to run that. And of course people should feel free to use the thread. Not like this was made for a specific purpose.
"Hey Mary? Can I leave now? I'm bored staying in the mirror dimension."
A few hours before, when Jessica and Mary Sue were still in the outside world Emily was just walking around the mall, hopping from store to store, when she spots someone she doesn't know and her wife, Jessica, about to fight, but then, they didn't, as they disappeared into the Mirror dimension. "Jessica-senpai! Wait! Ah." She says as she sits outside the mirror, waiting for her to come out. The present Emily has now been sitting here for the last few hours, waiting. "Where are you, Jessica-senpai?"
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