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Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
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Somewhere, deep within the Electric Town is a particularly popular Maid Café with various visitors every day, all day from the moment the establishment is opened until it is closed when the sun goes down. Clumsy girls, tsundere girls, flirty girls, they pretty much had it all, and every single one of them is ready to serve each new master that comes through those doors as best they possibly can. So the positive reviews of this place say; perfect for relaxation and meeting new people in a calm environment. Feel welcome to join and order!
{A malcontent teenage male who was a bit shorter than average boys in the neighborhood came into the doors of Electric Town's Maid Café. His arbitrary height was probably due to being only 15, but what matters is that he entered with an upside down smile on his face. Asena decides to seat himself at the table closest to the door, setting his backpack next to the table leg and playing games on his phone silently to pass the time, forgetting what the purpose of this place really is. To get bothered by some girl in frilly clothes.}
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[A girl with long brown hair, a soft smile and long dress compared to the other girls would approach Asena and gracefully bow to him while having her hands together.] "Welcome home, Master. My name is Kazuho, your lovely maid. Is this your first time here? If so, I hope we can help you relax. You're at home, right?" [Her voice was as soft as her expression.]
{As soon as the boy was approached by the expected girl in frilly clothes, he only took a deep breath with his eyes closed before sighing out, closing his phone.} "...I forgot to read the sign. But sure Kazuho, I'm at home. It's my first time. How does this go down again?" {Asena says with a drab tone, gazing at the girl immediately expecting something now that they took time to bother him.}
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"You may order whatever it is you like the most, Master. I hope the menu is of your liking." [Kazuho would wink at Asena as she hands over the menu for the place. If he opens it up, he would read: "Relaxing Coffee" for ¥1,000; "Oo-hot Tea" for ¥2,000; "Love★Pancake" for ¥3,000 and "Sincere Omelette" for ¥5,000.] "If you buy our famous Sincere Omelette, then I'll draw something special for you, Master~♥"
A figure would emerge from the doorway, a dark colored veil covering their body with a hood at the top. Under the hood a metallic mask was placed over their face only allowing two colorless pupils to peer out from beneath. Their voice would be fitting of their appearance, almost seeming as if it was purposely modified to be deep and distorted. "What is the function of this place? I see many people enter and leave. The chances of information spreading through this building regularly is high though there is margain for error."
"Mhm, thanks." {The boy says to his temporary maid with a dry expression, grabbing the menu and looking over it quickly.} "Well, I have the money. You look like you need it. So I guess I'll buy it. Art's always nice. Also the 'Oh-oh hot Tea.'" {Asena closes the menu, intentionally pronouncing the Tea in the worst way possible so as to not give himself a conniption. Other than that, he immediately goes back to his phone.}
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"Thank you so much, Master~♥! I'll bring it over in no time~♥!" [As she turns around with an elegant spin, she notices the strange figure. For a moment there, the girl didn't know what to say, only to remember she still had to do her job. Before going to place the order, she would greet the new person with a curtsy.] "Welcome home, Master~♥! Here the girls and I serve our masters who come for food and great attention. Would you like to have a seat anywhere? I can guide you~♥" [Before he can even reply, and no matter how much he denied it, Kazuho would force the newly arrival onto the same table as Asena. She would bow while blushing.] "It seems like all the girls are already occupied with their masters at this moment, so I'll do my best to serve you two~♥! Please check the menu, or I'll be mad~♥!" [And so she hops towards the kitchen.]
The figure wouldn't actually even resist seeming to not even consider the option. "I see. I have no reason to refuse then." After being seated they'd begin examine the menu up close as if to study it. Of course, their pale grayish hands would be barely visible as they held it. "The current order is for us to look over the menu. Failure to comply will result in hostility."
“...ok.” {Asena says to the figure they have to deal with at their table. Instead of trying to snark the new arrival, he lets his eyes gloss over the menu again, mostly to see if there were any desserts he had missed.} “So, what’s your deal?” {The boy inquires, silently taking note of how his hands alone made him seem like some kind of ghost or something of the sort.}
"Deal? Please clarify. I have many objectives I am pursuing but my most important one is to track the 'broken'." The figure would stare with empty pale white eyes through their mask. There didn't seem to be much feeling behind their gaze just a cold observation of the one they were speaking to. "Perhaps you were asking for my identification? I am the 15723rd of my kind."
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[Checking the menu, Mister 15723 would read: Relaxing Coffee" for ¥1,000; "Oo-hot Tea" for ¥2,000; "Love★Pancake" for ¥3,000 and "Sincere Omelette" for ¥5,000. Not soon after, following the rhythm of the cheerful and cute music that plagues the place step by step, Kazuho returns holding the Oo-hot Tea. The cup and plate seemed really fancy.] "I'm baaaaack, Master~♥! Here you go, a tea made by your loving servant, filled with nothing but care~♥!" [She giggles as she leaves it on the table. Before addressing Mister 15723, she would make a quick spin in place. Her smile had gotten more confident. She finishes with a pose, a peace sign with her right over right eyes as she closes her left.] "Is there anything that caught your attention in the menu, Master~♥?"
“Uh huh. I was mostly asking why someone of your kind is here in some maid cafe.” {Asena isn’t phased by the figure as they seem to fail at the concept of human conjecture. Instead staring back at them with a blank gaze as he keeps up the dull tone in his voice.} “But thanks for all that other stuff, I guess.”
“Oh right, my tea. Thanks.” {He says, glancing at the maid who brought the tea, trying his best to put up a fake smile but ultimately failing. He would look at the fancy patterning of the cup and the plate his tea was served on for a quick second, not uttering any other comments and sipping on the tea silently.}
"Sincerity is the trait I have the most curiosity about so I believe I will request this 'Sincere Omelette'." 15723 would seem to grow more interested than before seemingly paying more attention to Asena. "Have you seen someone with black horns, pale skin, and white eyes? In other words they'd be a human with all the obvious inhumane traits I share as well. Places with a lot of humans have a lot of human observation. Observation and memories of others is all I can rely on for this mission."
"Can't say I have. I thought it was obvious that I don't even go outside much. Though I guess if you want a quick answer it's no." {Asena would put his cup down as his friend goes and describes the most obviously not human human a person could be. Even so, he pretends to think on it so as to be invested in the conversation.} "If you really want to use your observation I'd say that would be pretty obvious to spot once you see them. I don't know what else to say to you other than that I'm useless for this adventure if you want information on whoever that is."
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"I hope you enjoy it, Master~♥" [She noticed the fake smile, the sad attempt at it. She still smiled back. Then, apparently not understanding what this entire talk was all about, she would wink at Mister 15723 and make her way back to the kitchen by the means of hopping to the rhythm of the music.] "I will be back soon with your Omelette, Master~♥! The drawing I'll do will blow you away~♥!"
"I see. You are useless. Do not panic useless. Your lack of purpose will not result in your expulsion. I have made a promise not to convert irrelevant factors into cluster of negative energy. Apparently it's considered immoral by human standards to do such a thing without specified consent. That being stated, do I have your consent to potentially absorb your memories and convert you into negative energy?" The figure would stare Asena dead in the eye without even a hint of humor in their expression.
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“Thank you very much!~” {A jubilant female voice would say to the maid that is about to bring them the omelette, an omelette that the two at the table just so happened to both order. As soon as the maid would go back to the kitchen, the boy would look back at his table buddy with the same dull gaze he entered with.} “Yes, very useless indeed. Surely, you are not the same as I when you speak in such a manner that would repel any human that would make the mistake of being in the same vicinity as you. At the very least, I’ll commend you for your sincerity. But do try to enact the absorption of some child who you deem useless once you leave the establishment. Remember, if the maid wanted to take care of their masters, they’d really not appreciate seeing the life leave one of their eyes.” {Asena would speak back in a male voice, merely staring back at the figure with nothing more than a simple eye roll and an equally dreary response that he saw for for the person he has to share this maid with.}
"I understand. Becoming a cluster of negative energy does not equal what you would define as death though. Death of those around you is a more likely outcome." They would actually look away at this point.Just for a more second there seemed to be something that filled there absent eyes but it would vanish as quickly as it appeared. "People are repelled by me? I had heard the best way to gather people's thoughts are through intimidation. At least that's what human media seems to reflect. Repelling people is not my goal."
“Well, I’m around him, do I count?” {As the figure looked away for a brief second, the boy in question would be replaced with a girl that looks nearly identical to him. However Asena would instead gaze at the figure with excitement, speaking to him in a more joyful tone.} “Besiiides, intimidation like that doesn’t work on EVERYONE, y’know? Sometimes you gotta be more chill. Friends can give up info too. Try vibing or something. Then if you still want to turn someone into a clump of negative energy, you could just manipulate them into accepting the process for you. Sounds pretty cool, right?”
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[Humming the cute song that keep going in the background and matching it with her step, the girl comes back with two white plates with perfect omelettes on top of them. She would leave each in front of them and skillfully grab the ketchup.] "Here you go, Master and Master~♥! I'll show you my most sincere love now~♥!" [First Asena's. She draws a small Pixie blowing a kiss with the words "Fight!". Then she moves on to Mister 15723's omelette, drawing instead a mischievous Pyro Jack giving the viewer a peace sign, wishing them "Luck!". Kazuho leaves the ketchup on the table and finishes by doing a curtsy.] "Cheer up you two~♥! You look tense, like machines~♥! Now saaaaaaaaaay..." [Kazuho bends over a bit so they get a closer look to her face. She presses both of her index fingers on each cheek and smiles.] "Smiiiile~♥!"
"Oh." {As soon as Kazuho had came with their males, the female would glance at the maid before going back to a dull gaze. Once her eyes made contact with the maid's presence, the boy would seemingly appear out of nowhere, looking at his partner as if nothing happened.} "Hey dude, there's a camera. Repeat after me." {Asena would look in-between Kazuho's pretend camera, initially seeming more dead inside then ever before. But after a few seconds he'd proceed to do the all-powerful white person smile, flashing a single thumbs up at the girl as thanks for the omelette and the tea.}
"I see no camera. I believe they are signaling for the human emotional response of joy, also known as a smile. I've seen such memories before." The figure would mimic Asena but it would be impossible to tell if they were actually smiling or not since they were wearing a metallic mask. "I'm unsure if I can fully expierence such a response. It might break me in some way."
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"Ooooh Masters you are silly~♥! Call for me when you need anything~♥! For now, I'll be taking a short break~♥!" [She momentarily leaves them to their own devices. They can eat, talk and be as they wish.] "Enjoy your stay~♥!"
"I hope you'll grace us again Master. I'll be waiting hehe... <3" Kurumi bows to her previous customer as they leave, giving the girl a moment to herself. She was one of the newer maids, but was quickly earning a reputation. It was a busy time so they'd doubtlessly receive more business soon, but for now she takes a second to talk with her coworker at the side "Keeping up ok dear? You know you can ask me to tag in if the Master's getting a little rough." The girl asks with a mischievous smile. She's been keeping an eye on all of the "Masters" here, for better or for worse.
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"Oooh, you don't have to worry about me... K-Kurumi-honey~♥!" [Kazuho merely giggles as Kurumi approaches her, acting as she normally does. Kazuho was a bit awkward around her coworker, but she was able to not show it as she was also good at acting. Even so, one thing was passing through her mind the entire time: Danger. This, on full repeat.] "This is an actual nightmare. I hate this. Kill me. Kill me now." [She thinks, while in a silent panic.] "T...Thank you for your concern, I just joined but... I'll keep it in mind." [For a moment there her voice cracks; nothing quickly clearing her throat couldn't fix.]
"Ara ara. All the better for you to rely on me then!" Kurumi lets out a faint giggle, her grin ever widening. It was obvious that Kazuho felt nervous, but Kurumi was used to that, especially with beginners. But while she might have liked to tease her coworker a bit more, it wouldn't be long before another customer entered, giving Kurumi an excuse to leave Kazuho alone for now as she moves to pick up the newest face. "Welcome home master! Its kind of you to join us again <3" before guiding the newcomer to their own, otherwise empty table.
{Merely from looking away from his table partner and at his maid did it feel slightly obvious that the maid seemed to be distraught. Over something that wasn't his problem. Asena let out a quick sigh, the arm giving a thumbs up going back down to reach for his phone. His dead gaze turned into that of a glare when the flash on his phone camera made it's mark as he takes his picture of the omelette with the cute art. The boy would text wildly on his phone until...} "...and send." {He was finished. Afterwards, he put his phone away, picked up his utensils and started immediately eating it, trying not to talk since that's rude, and also going through the meal quickly. Even if it was still probably hot, he wouldn't seem to mind, instead responding by downing his tea. Which also might still be hot but a liquid is a liquid.}
Asami would hurriedly wander into the cafe with a laptop in her hands, setting it down on the closest empty table and opening up to an emulation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle. She then clicks the wifi icon and checks for any connections with the cafe's name. Assuming there was no issue connecting nor any password, she wouldn't bother any of the maids or patrons.
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[Closing time was very soon, as the sun was about to go out. Kazuho would gracefully spin her way towards Asena with a big smile on her face.] "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaster~♥ I saw a slight glint in your eye, does that mean you enjoy the food I prepared for you with all my love~♥?" [She looks at him, with an extreme, strange hope in her own eyes.] "Will you praise me, Mast-?" [Kazuho would turn to see who was the one who recently arrived before the store closes, and her eyes get a bit wider, hope fully disappearing. She clears her throat. Once. Twice. Three times. Then she continues.] "A....As I was saying, Master...~♥ Praaaaaaaaise me~♥!"
{Asena would pause for a quick second as Kazuho shouts his way, and then continues to eat. As he finishes the last bit of his omelette, he takes the final sip of his tea and gives out a sigh. While the boy would normally keep on a dead gaze, it was instead a raised eyebrow when he reads the hope that glimmered in the maid's eyes.} "...sure. Good job. Have it. You deserve it. You exist." {He would reach into his pocket, pulling out a wallet and giving the maid 10,000 yen. Whether or not that was how much the meal was worth, it didn't really matter to him. Asena would grab his backpack and sling it over his shoulder, adjusting his glasses slightly so that a glare would veil his eyes, the only thing on his face now being his neutral frown.} "...if you want actual praise, I'll tell you it outside if you like."
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[Quick to work, Kazuho would take the 10,000 yen and give back 3,000 yen to Asena, merely allowing him to go after the fact. She kept smiling and held both of her hands together to follow up with a bow.] "There are still things I must do, Master~♥ Guess you'll have to praise me more next time~♥!" [She bows yet again.] "Thank you for coming, have an amazing night~! I'll be waiting patiently for your next visit~♥!" [Once done, Kazuho would make her way to the break room to spend the rest of her shift. Kazuho approaches the large mirror on the wall and thinks back as to how she suddenly ended up in this situation.] "These girls don't have it easy, seriously... That guy, he seemed... familiar, somehow." [She would take a closer look at her make-up that the other girls helped her put on as soon as she showed up and the boss introduced her. She didn't even know how pretty she could look. Lucky it works even when she sweats. She couldn't predict Kurumi would be here too, or Asami.] "Hmm... he gave me some weird Sana vibes."
"k." {The boy headed out the door, taking out his phone. After a few taps, it started to ring. While he would've normally just yelled from out the door, the maid had already went inside. So instead he kept the info to himself as he ran down the street.} "Mooooommm, your boyfriend's whoring himself out for money nowwww."
After helping a few other Masters, Kurumi checks on the child using their laptop in a corner. "Is there anything I can do for you Master? <3 You look a little lonely sitting here all by yourself." Though she wasn't entirely sure if Asami was even listening to her, as busy as they seemed. But it didn't matter much if the Master chose not to worry them after all.
Asami smiles politely at Kurumi, somewhat anxious and unsure how to respond. "Ah, i'd actually like to order something, but I don't know how much yen I have. I don't really know how to add or subtract large numbers." She sets her controller down and pulls out a stack of yen totalling somewhere around one million. "What kind of food do they have here, anyway?"
"Oh, its nothing to worry about Master. Your happiness comes first. <3" Kurumi lets out a faint giggle. She doesn't take the time to count Sunna's money, but its obviously more than enough for a little place like this. Kurumi quietly passes Sunna a menu which reads: "Relaxing Coffee" for ¥1,000; "Oo-hot Tea" for ¥2,000; "Love★Pancake" for ¥3,000 and "Sincere Omelette" for ¥5,000 "Take as much time as you need. Its a pleasure getting to see you again <3. Kurumi cracks a slightly flirtatious smile. Just as she'd suggested, the girl gives Sunna all of her attention, watching the child carefully as they look over the menu.
Asami glances over the menu for a few minutes with a strained musing, trying as hard as she can to decide what she prefers between what are to her seemingly random sequences of foreign symbols. "Uh... um, I can't really read. Is there anything you would suggest I order?"
"Ara. Well if you want my opinion the Sincere Omelette is one of our most popular items." Kurumi points to the most expensive item on the small menu before adding with a grin. "If you're interested I'll even leave a little message for you. <3" Kurumi lets out another giggle as she twirls some of her hair between her fingers, awaiting the young Master's decision.
Asami cheerfully smiles upon being given the recommendation, nodding with interest. "In that case, i'll order the Sincere Omelette." She giggles a little when Kurumi offers to write a message, feeling silly. "Try to use words that are easy to learn, please!"
"Kehehe. Very well, I'll bring one out in a moment!<3" With that Kurumi writes down Asami's order before taking the girl's menu and delivering their order to the kitchen. It would be a few minutes until the food was ready, so for now Kurumi decides to take a short break, joining Kazuho in the break room while this latest order is getting prepared. Unlike Kazuho Kurumi doesn't really show any signs of exhaustion, calmly taking a drink from one of the water bottles left out for the girls.
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[Kazuho almost chokes on the air she was breathing when she sees Kurumi come in all of a sudden to have a short break of some kind.] "H-Hey, Kurumi-honey. You are doing really well; I wish I had that much of an easy time at this." [She tries not to look back as she faces the mirror, instead looking at her coworker from the reflection.] "This is my first job, so..." ["Don't break character" She thinks.]
While waiting for her order, Asami goes back to gaming super epicly.
"Oh its nothing really. You just have to stop worrying about who it is so much and treat them all as Master." Kurumi gives a somewhat cold tip before taking another short drink. After a moment the girl swallows before letting out a satisfied sigh and cracking a grin. "Once you get that down there's nothing to be afraid of. Its not like anyone here bites."
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"You would be surprised with that." [Knowing her luck, the weird will always appear to haunt her, even while at her job. She waves her hand with a genuine smile.] "Thank you anyways, Kurumi-honey. My shift is about over so I'll leave in like a second~" ["She's not that bad at least. Not as aggressive as Sana." She thinks.]
"Awww.. And I was hoping to you'd stay a little longer. Are you really going to leave me all on my own like that? <3" Kurumi lets out a childish giggle before pausing by the break room door, turning back to Kazuho "Stay safe ok?" before finally heading back out the break room and picking up Asami's order, bringing the plain-looking omelette out to their "Master" "Forgive me for the wait Master! Please enjoy your stay. <3"
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"I will~♥" ["For as long as you don't eat me, I think I'll be fine", so does she think to herself. She then stands up as she sees Kurumi leave and takes a deep breath.] "Alright, time to take this dress off and make-up for the day." [It would take a while, but "Kazuho" would take her time with this. It's a lot to do after all, and he didn't want to ruin something he...quite honestly...] "...like. I do look kind of pretty in this."
"Ah, thank you, I will!" Asami pauses the game and looks at the meal, ready to receive it. Once its on her table, she pushes the laptop to the side and starts eating nearly immediately, at a ferocity that gave the impression that she doesn't eat at home.
"Ara ara. I didn't even have time to write anything yet." Kurumi comments with a grin. It was clear the child was starving, eating with a ferocity that reminds her of someone. It probably wouldn't take long for Sunna to finish. "Are you sure that's quite enough Master? Or are you looking for something more? <3"
Asami seems somewhat embarrassed, but the meal did satisfy her enough that she didn't feel like asking for more. "Ah, i'm good, thanks!" She did seem to be somewhat tired at the moment, stretching her arms behind her back like she were contemplating whether she should stay longer or not.
"Oh, well if you insist." Kurumi almost looks a little sad as she holds one hand close to her chest. The girl pauses for a few seconds, before nodding to Sunna "Don't hesitate to call on me if you need anything master. <3" Kurumi's mood instantly brightens up as she steps away with a spin before moving on to assist one of the other customers as the air in the cafe begins to wind out.
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[Dress is gone; the heels were killing Kazuho, unable to understand how some girls use them constantly; all now safely hung to the side so they get washed; the contact had Kazuho's eyes all dry but nothing that couldn't be fixed.] "What a day, I think I can do this just fine though." [Kazuho thinks out loud as she sits down again in front of the mirror, now wearing a plain, long-sleeved white button-up shirt with the collar up, black sneakers and black pants. There was a black and green leather jacket hanging by the side.] "And now..."
[Kazuo takes off the long wig and leaves it to the side, looking at his own reflection while ruffling his own hair so it goes back to looking like its usual, everyday way. The make-up was still on, but not for long.] "I really should learn how to do this. I don't want to trouble the others with it each time..." [He would grab a makeup remover cloth and get to work, thinking if he was currently being stalked during all this. It’s not like he can exactly hide his thoughts when it came to that girl.]
{There was no thoughts invading Kazuo's mind or an unnerving presence creeping closer, nothing physical came his way. Instead there was a sudden buzzing of his phone as an unknown number texts him a message.} "When the hell did that stupid kid find the strip club?" {Only a millisecond after the number sends him the message, there would also be a random picture that was deepfried to the point of no return, along with text on the top and bottom written in arabic.}
[Kazuo was about halfway done with makeup removal when he noticed the text message. At first, he was confused...until he tried to piece the information together. The weird image, alongside the mention of a kid and a strip club.] "Ah, this is Sana, isn't it?" [He would ask immediately through text just so he knew he didn't make a mistake with this. That is, until it dawned on him what was actually going on. Kazuo takes a deep breath and covers his face.] "Of course she knows." [He says to himself.]
{Another image with millenial humor pops up, this time with a normal looking picture of an old man saying a message. The second half of it is blacked out so it reads "no, I don't-", most likely in response to what he was saying as he talked to himself.} "I was just told by your latest customer that you were whoring out for money, so I picked the obvious route. Not judging dood, it was kinda obvious anyways if some 15 year old who was barely paying attention saw through it."
"If you wanted to pay instead you can just say it." [This is fine. Anyone else would likely be worse anyways. So does Kazuo thinks about this situation. At the very least most people didn't notice it was him, or that Kazuho is a "he" really; the boss and the girls of Alice's Apron's minus Kurumi knowing this fact was different.. He wonders why it is he can pass for a girl so easily.] "Besides, the fact he noticed means nothing. You read minds, what else can I expect from a pair of weirdos?"
"Nah, he doesn't read minds. He just noticed because of common sense. If he were she, she'd be way too busy trying to be your friend." {The girl texts to him, being vague and unclear but still straight to the point since he probably won't get what she's saying. Both Asena and Asena are equally stupid, no gender needed to prove that.} "And hell no, I'm not paying for anything. You can have fun getting money from your sad people in that sad establishment."
"Fine. Free if you ever ask. Master~♥" [He replies, leaving the phone on the side and with a totally straight face. Then, he goes back to removing the rest of the makeup.]
Asami, out of boredom, decides to send Kazuo a funny meme of JFK Diavolo going "My day be so fine then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom"
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