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Divine Power
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*The sun broke free of the clouds in the afternoon, lightning up the area around the Tokyo Dome. However, police had cleared the area around it. An incident had occurred inside the stadium. Not many injuries but those who had escaped had told the tale of a giant, serpentine creature. The official story of the loud noises in the area was construction, but veteran hunters could tell the true nature of the beast that had appeared inside. Perhaps it was curiosity, luck or you were hired. Perhaps you were let into the area but nervous police or snuck in by other means. Either way, you gather in front of the stadiums entrance.* *There's two officers around the place, nervously muttering about what is happening while a third interviews a red haired woman in dungarees and an owl hair pin on the opposite side of the path too them. The stadium's entrance is open, as proven by a strange man in a Fedora slipping inside without any resistance. What you do is up to you.* OOC: This RP brought to you by the fact I've been playing far too much SMTIV Apocalypse and I remembered I had this account. Expect combat and enjoy.
After a few moments, a young man with well-kept blonde hair appears on the scene. Monsters like this were his specialty, and something he had no qualms with crushing. Though he almost seems unarmed, with only a small, black cylinder resembling a stun baton by his side, the young adult carries himself with confidence. The man calmly steps forward, approaching the two officers securing the area before asking. "I understand this is the scene? Can I expect any backup on this mission, any information about the monster in question, or shall I root it out myself?"
Nanashi somehow managed to be assigned to the task force dedicated to dealing with the serpentine creature, as he was instructed to by the god to whom his life is in the hands of. He personally didn't like the creature causing trouble for humanity, anyways. Regardless, he prepares for the fight by going through his weapons and armor. It was quite standard equipment, but Nanashi would most likely be relying on his usage of magnetite to power his elemental skills anyways. If worse came to worse, he could summon a few of his demons or even have Dagda revive him again.
A young woman with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail would wander up to the scene, she wasn't quite expecting anyone to call on her help here of all places but... Here she is, having been hired to provide assistance for the moment, or more aptly the TSAB was and sent her. She'd gaze over at Nanashi and Leonus before speaking up to the officers. "Good day, I'm Fate Testarossa from the Time Space Administration Bureau. I'd echo the young man's question for a start, though I suppose I can answer the backup part a bit. I'm around at least." Much like Leonus she appears entirely unarmed, but despite that her voice and face seem to indicate she considers such an event entirely manageable. A rampaging beast is hardly the worst thing she's fought for the military, in truth.
Morgana’s feline form lets him be a fly on the wall for street talk. No mere construction caused this nervousness among the humans. Perhaps it would be worth investigating? He decides it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. The black cat takes advantage of his small size and phantom thief stealth to slink past the police. “Mrr~!” He can’t contain a giddy meow.
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*The cops stop their worried murmurings and look at the group.* Cop 1: Huh? Are you kids joking or something? Cop 2: W-Wait sir. What if these are those specialists that strange man was talking to us about? The Hunters? Cop 1: Hunters eh? *The first cop scratches his head.* Cop 1: Hmm. I don't know. The captain didn't mention anything about this. But that man was strangely compelling in his argument... *The cop looks back to them.* Cop 1: You sure you people want in on this? It's a dangerous situation, ya know. Cop 2: All the witnesses have told us is that theirs some kind of giant, man eating snake creature in there. Cop 1: We've been ordered not to engage. But, if you think you can do it, just try not to die. It's more paperwork for us if you do.
"Is that all the information you have?" Leonus lets out a sigh, holding his forehead while shaking his head in disappointment before nodding to Fate "Leonus from Thunderstrike Squadron, mercenary group specializing in supernatural scenarios. I trust the TSAB is everything I've heard about and more." With that little introduction, Leonus briefly analyzes the group gathered. None of them looked impressive, but Fate ought to know what they were doing and he'd faced much more innocuous-looking characters anyways. He briefly looks over the cat, as its mere presence isn't enough reason to suspect it yet. With his brief analysis over, Leonus strides forward, first to enter the stadium. He keeps a relaxed stance, but his eyes are open, searching wherever he goes for the first sign of danger.
A strange figure that some might already recognize would appear somewhere behind the group. Their eyes would gleam from underneath the hood and metallic mask they wore. Specifically, they seemed to be watching Fate with a cold emotionless eyes. They didn't seem to yet intend to come closer, simply observing from a distance, not even bothering to hide themselves.
The Mage just sighs at the police, is this what law enforcement are usually like on this dimension...? Good lord, but whatever, as long as they aren't going to get in the way of her work its fine. "I'm pretty sure officer, yes. I've been running operations against creatures like this, among other things, for quite some time. And a pleasure to meet you Leonus, I'm not overly familiar with your group, but you seem to have your head on straight. I'm going to start running some scans, see if I can't figure out where our target is." She'd mutter something under her breath before a light flashes briefly. Soon enough the woman's outfit is replaced with a long white coat over a blue military dress uniform, and a black axe with a gleaming blade of energy would appear in her hands. Several orbs rush out from the weapon and begin blanketing the stadium in a soft yellow light, aiming to scan the place and hopefully detect any significant life signs and or magical or technological energy sources. Besides that, she merely stays on guard herself while following shortly behind Leonus. And spares a glance toward the strange figure watching, but she won't strike quite yet.
Nanashi steps forth and announces his presence to the rest of the group. "Name's Nanashi and i'm here for what you'd call... personal reasons. I can explain later, but for now, we should just focus on coordinating an attack together. This isn't anything any one of us can handle on our own. I suggest you call in whatever backup you can get right now." With that being said, Nanashi uses his phone to summon a demon uncharacteristically clad in an advanced military battle suit who addresses the group in a harsh commanding voice. "HEE-HO! Alright, you mongrels, if this is truly a mission worthy of someone of MY caliber, then I suggest those of you who aren't battle-hardened veterans turn tail and run off right now!" "I couldn't have said it better myself, Demonee-Ho, mainly because there's no good way to say that."
The TSAB Enforcer is ever the pro on the job, at least when she's actually on duty rather than helping for a whim. And so she wouldn't even take her eyes away from the area in front of them while responding to Nanashi in a calm voice. "Can't say I can get any back up at the moment, the TSAB's reaching pretty thin these days, for a lot of reasons. Yourself Mr. Leonus?" She'd raise an eyebrow slightly upon hearing the demon's bit, that's... Not that odd by her standards, but still a bit odd. Summoning is normal-ish, but that doesn't seem like any normal creature one might call upon. Even taking into account the strangeness of the Expanse and its ideas or myths given shape. "And that's, quite the curious summon you have there. A demon of some stripe I'd wager, but not one I can even guess at. Interesting, if a bit odd. I'll trust you can handle yourself given you seem to have that being well in hand as an ally."
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*Fate's scan would reveal a few things. For one, the cops were just as dull as they seemed. The woman with the owl hair pin being interviewed across the street on the other hand seems to be a pretty strong... something? It's like something is interfering with getting a full reading on the woman. The woman glances over in Fate's direction and smiles before looking back to the cop questioning her. Other than that, two powerful magical signatures can be detected with in the Tokyo Dome.* *The two cops would look at the strange demon with an odd look.* Cop 1: Al....right? Cop 2: U-Uh! Sir yes sir! Cop 1: Don't fuel it, idiot. Cop 2: Uh. Sorry sir. *The first cop sighs. He nods towards the Stadium.* Cop 1: Welp, head on in then. We won't stop ya.
"Thunderstrike is the finest mercenary outfit there is. Most clients have a hard time hiring one member, let alone the entire squad. If you ever see more than one of us on a given mission its safe to assume a disaster is occurring. Something that needs to be handled swiftly and silently. And this, well this is nothing." Leonus lets out a faint sigh, casting a quick glare at the strange, battlesuited demon. He preferred to avoid entering combat with one of... Them. But a job is a job, so long as they weren't an obstruction there was no need to mind them. "As Thunderstrike's second-in-command I can easily handle a demon of this caliber." Now that he has the go-ahead from the authorities in charge of this job, the police officers, Leonus walks down to the stadium entrance, keeping an eye out for any potential ambushes along the way.
The feline watches the group chatting with the cops for a while before darting into the dome’s entrance. He treads lightly in case someone or something is nearby. He doubts the monster is at the edge but who knows what else was drawn here? Shadows draw more Shadows and monsters draw more monsters. And hunters, he thinks, smiling to himself. With that girl in that group there’s no doubt about their intentions.
Nanashi nods at Fate, giving her a perky smile. "Yeah, inside the armor is a being that resembles a winter spirit, Jack Frost. The suit it wears was supposedly once advanced military combat equipment used by humans to fight against demons." "Hee-xactly! No one's better suited for this mission than I!" Nanashi then starts to walk right beside Leonus, giving him a look of skepticism as he boasts about his own strengths "Right, well, we want to be as safe as we can. Strength alone won't be enough to make this monster stay dead!"
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*Let in by the cops, everyone freely enters the main stadium, entering the grand enterance hall. It's a wide open area, filled with stands selling merchandise and sugary treats for the game, now abandoned thanks to the growing threat, and lavish decor, welcoming would be game watchers in to get ready for the excitement. However, you can barely reach past the doors before a voice behind you shouts.* ???: Wait up! *The woman with the owl hairclip runs up to you. Closer up, you can see that it's not just one Owl clip she has, but also a badge attatched to the right strap of her dungarees and one attatched to the strap of the bag she has slung over a shoulder. Said bag is slightly open, giving you a view of a round, metalic object amongst a couple of books. She stops, panting slightly, and straigtens out her glasses.* ???: Sorry. But, you're here for the monster that's decided to nest itself in this place too, right? *The woman places a hand on her chest, giving everyone an earnest look and a friendly smile.* Athena: I'm a sort of Hunter of the strange, I guess you could say. My callsign is Athena. I'd like to tell you it's a long story, but, really, I just like reading and owls. I was hoping we could work together if we're here for the same reason. You don't mind, do you?
"That is our current objective, yes." Leonus responds to Athena with a sigh. He looks over the woman for a moment. Not very professional-looking, though it was clear they were trying to disguise themselves. The reason didn't really matter though. "So long as you can hold your own I have no issues. Taking 'Athena.' the goddess of wisdom and battle, as a callsign demonstrates confidence, which is a considerable factor." Leonus taps his foot momentarily before giving the woman a quick glance. "Lets hope you can back that up."
Nanashi gives Athena a look that's not altogether unwelcoming but does show some concern in regards to their abilities. "I'm used to working with others, so it's no problem!" He then smiles, a casual air emanating from him as he seems to match paces with everyone around him, not going to far ahead of anyone. "How much do you know about what we're hunting, Athena?"
Morgana hops onto the concessions counter and listens in on the conversation. He’s definitely not doing this to eat the snacks, ignore the crumbs gathering around his muzzle. He’s just... fueling himself while gathering intel! Yeah, that’s it. Once he’s done with his very important quest, he listens for anything out of the ordinary. He still isn’t sure where the problem is hiding.
The Mage would simply nod slightly... Though, Athena. She's done reading up on that Pantheon after her meeting with Dionysus a while back. She has to wonder... "I don't suppose you'd happen to know a different hunter of sorts who goes by Dionysus? Wears a nice suit, uses a lot of poisons and healing concoctions. You kinda remind me of him, what with the name scheme and all." She's not exactly going to out right call the woman out at the moment, but if Athena is who Fate thinks she is then the implication behind those words should be very clear to her. There's also Nanashi's question which she's curious about, of course he asked it so she won't repeat that. "At any rate, like Mr. Leonus said you're correct on our work. I'll trust you can handle yourself as well."
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*Athena steps ahead of the group while answering Nanashi's question.* Athena: Our target? Only what the police have told me. A giant snake like creature. I imagine, if it's a known threat, it would have some reason to be here. Maybe some recent event happened to draw it out of hiding or someone summoned it. I've narrowed it down to three. The Lernean Hydra, An Ilyanka or some sort of powerful familiar. I don't have much to go on. *Athena looks back at Leonus, smirking.* Athena: That good enough for you? *Athena gives Fate a strange glance, like she's sizing her up.* Athena: Well we have someone called Dionysus, but he just sits at the bar we frequent all day while the rest of us go off and do our thing. Granted, not much jobs going for we hunters of the strange. He's a bit of a layabout. *Athena stretches, looking towards the double doors leading further into the stadium.* Athena: Been a while since I've been on a job myself admittedly. I work at a local library but trying to get paid leave? Such a nightmare. So, shall we go?
Nanashi shakes his head, possessing a greater understanding of the threat at hand but electing to remain silent on this fact. He travels forth right behind Athena, holding his pistol by his thigh while Demonee-Ho has his rifle pointed upwards like always. "That's good enough for me!" Nanashi would signal to Demonee-Ho who instinctively marches over to the double doors and pushes the left one open slightly with his free hand. He then places the hand he used to open the door on the trigger of his gun, pushing its muzzle into the open space and peaks through the open space slowly for any threats before kicking the door wide open. If, at this point, he found the area to be completely barren, he would start using sign language to indicate the coast was clear regardless of whether or not any of those present could understand him. On the other hand, if he found anything that seemed hostile, he would begin firing at it immediately.
All those names for the beast mean “Big Snake” to Morgana. The cat stretches then hops off the stand. His little white paws pad against the hard floor as he makes his way further in. However, due to being a seemingly normal cat, the double doors present a problem. He sits down next to the doors and waits for someone to open them.
Leonus lets out a sigh, bringing a hand to his chin while considering the three main theories. "Familiar is a fancy way of saying you don't know, but the other two... A hydra should be easy. Especially if its the Lernean one specifically. Bigger than average, but the most dangerous aspect of a hydra is the variety of forms they can take. Illyanka I'm less familiar with, coming from a less popular mythology means they tend not to appear as often." At least that's the theorry for now. Since Nanashi was eager to take the lead despite wielding a ranged weapon Leonus was happy to let them. They should know what they're getting into, and if not then whatever happened would be their own fault.
Fate is also fine with letting Nanashi take the lead, she's fast enough to get where she's needed if something comes up anyways after all. And the info... "Yeah sounds about right, hydras I'm also fairly familiar with. Illyanka though that's a bit of a mystery here too, at least in specifics beyond being a large serpent creature. Anyways, let's just keep moving for now." She simply nods to Athena's reply about the god of wine, she doesn't exactly buy this woman isn't another goddess but who knows. It's possible that simply took the name for herself, in theory. Either way the Enforcer is happy to keep her eyes out for anything that might attack them.
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*Demonee-ho would open the door. However, before he could open fire, the strange noise of a flute can be heard. Nanashi's demon would barely be able to a few rounds before it collapsed, asleep. From the other door, a man emerges with dark skin and a Fedora. Nanashi would easily be able to recognise him.* Such an uncouth welcome. But I suppose I should expect as much from you, Dagda's Kalki. *The man's eyes look over the rest of the party. For someone like Fate, it would be easily to detect the man's power. Not quite as strong as someone like Eris, but still definatly stronger than a mere mortal. The man's eyes stop on Athena.* Krishna: Having fun hiding among the mortals, Athena Athena: I thought I saw you here earlier, Eighth Avatar of Vishnu. So you're behind this, are you Krishna? *The man, Krishna, chuckles.* Krishna: I leave that up to your imagination. You are the Goddess of Wisdom, after all.
Leonus lets out a sigh and shakes his head. Even if Athena's theory was correct, he was hired to kill a snake, not to harass the mastermind behind it. "I'll let you two catch up. My target's the snake taking nest here, not the pest who drew it." With that, he aims to simply walk by Krishna, paying the minor god no heed. He agreed to a contract and would follow it through, for now it was as simple as that.
The Mage just shrugs slightly and follows after Leonus, she can obviously tell this is likely another god but... Whatever. not really within her orders to deal with that at the moment. And this is an actual mission, not some flight of her own whims like that cave incident. "Yeah I'm just gonna go ahead myself, the briefing said I was to take care of this beast not deal with some god." Simply wandering past the mess may not work out though, so she's prepared to defend herself if this attempt of theirs to carry on with the job goes south somehow.
Now instead of a hunt, it’s a game of deities and pawns. He hates being a pawn. Morgana scratches his ear with his hind leg. He’ll just sit here for now. Getting in on this juicy gossip is a priority. Unlike the blonde, Morgana wasn’t tied to any contracts or whatnot. Like a cat, he did as he pleased, so what pleases him now is intel gathering.
Nanashi gives Krishna a condescending look, scoffing at his demeanor. "I suspected as much. How long do you intend to keep up these schemes, Krishna?" Nanashi smirks as Leonus starts walking away, gripping his sword with battle-ready intensity. "Well, someone's eager..." He would take a step in Leonus' direction, maintaining awareness of his surroundings in case Krishna tries anything.
The cloaked figure would seem to disappear as Fate entered the building. Their form condensing until it could no longer be seen. It would take a godly amount of observation to even be able to tell that they had simply converted themselves into the mere size of a fly before following along silently, continuing to observe Fate.
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Krishna: Schemes? Do you truly think so little of me, Kalki? *Krishna closed his eyes, smiling lightly. As the others walked passed him, he'd offer no resistance. Instead, however, he offered a warning.* Krishna: That way to your quarry has been blocked by rubble. If you wish to advance, may I suggest going in from above? The door to the left leads up to the stands. You'd have better luck going that direction. Athena: What's your game here, Krishna? Krishna: Unlike you Olympians, hiding amongst the mortals of this world, I don't play tricks. I am here to offer Salvation. Nothing more. Nothing less. *Krishna glanced around at everyone.* Krishna: Will you accept it?
"I don't have time for your petty tricks. I will appreciate the advice, so long as it is good, and if not then you will be dealt with as any who offer false flowers." Instead of actually answering Krishna's question, Leonus takes his advice to look leftward for a door to the stands. He's someone who'll fall for anything exactly once. But best not to see him again if he does.
Nanashi would seem somewhat offended at this point, frowning at Krishna. "No salvation is worth allowing countless innocents to die!" Nanashi would make his way behind Leonus, looking back to Fate and Athena. "Come, we're wasting time talking here."
Salvation, huh? Sounds fishy. Morgana stretches and pads over to Krishna, winding around the man’s legs. He speaks in a low voice so only Krishna can hear. “Well aren’t you charming? What’s a fellow like you doing here? I doubt it’s just a whim.” He lets the humans take the initiative while he chats. He can always tail them after.
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*Athena would glare at Krishna.* Athena: Don't. Try. Anything. *Krishna raises a hand.* Krishna: Why would I need too? *Athena clicks her tongue and heads after the others. Krishna chuckles before reaching down and petting Morgana.* Krishna: What an interesting creature you are. I'd suggest you move along. Your allies may need you in the battle ahead. *Krishna heads off through the opposite door everyone else was heading through. Meanwhile, with everyone else, after a short walk through the right hand side, past abandoned consession stands and some dropped accessories, is a stairway up. Sunlight shines in from above. So too echoes a venomous cry of your target.*
“So that’s how you want to play? Oh well. I can play support if that’s what this play of yours needs.” Morgana purrs and slips away to catch up with everyone else. Once they’re in sight, he lags a few feet behind to safely observe. Whatever’s up there, he doesn’t want to be the first to face it.
"Hmm?" Nanashi finally notices the cat approaching the group, turning around to take a step towards it. "Sorry for the delay, but i'm just gonna take a second to shoo this cat away. I'd rather not have its soul stolen by the Divine Powers." Roughly, Nanashi walks up to the cat and attempts to first kick it from the side. If that doesn't discourage it, he would then attempt to pick up the cat and toss it in the direction of the nearest exit.
Morgana pouts. He’s not just going to be shooed away. Maybe he can make a tactical re- “MEOWOWOWOW!” Cat, meet foot. Morgana manages to land on his feet. He arches his back and glares at Nanashi. How dare this man harm his beautiful self? When he’s picked up, he unleashes all his fury and attempts to claw this guy’s arms and face off.
Nanashi isn't an idiot, thus when the cat starts swiping at him he instinctively drops it, completely relenting and backing away in order to sustain as little injury as he can. "Oh well, it is just a cat, after all." He then ignores it and resumes his travel up the stairway, peering into the path ahead for any visual sign of the enemy.
Leonus shakes his head and sighs before remarking "Quit harrassing the feline and focus on the mission." With Nanashi still leading the way, Leonus follows up the staircase. Other than the minor scolding he remains silent, with little else to remark upon.
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Athena: If the cat wants to come, let it come. *Athena sighs before heading up the stairs. Upon reaching the top, there are two ways to go but both lead into the stands of the stadium proper. Upon emerging into the light however, you are met almost immediately by a stream of Flames.* Athena: Watch out! *Athena swiftly pulls a shield from her bag and uses it to defend herself from the flames.*
"Fire-breathing." Leonus remarks while pulling out the small, black cylinder attached to his belt and flicking a button. In an instant, a thin, crackling blade of electricty sparks from the end of the device. Leonus swiftly swirls the blade in front of him, causing the fire aimed his way to funnel towards his weapon, only to be quickly absorbed and analyzed. As the weapon absorb's the firey energy, its blade changes from a spark of electricity, to one of fire, all the while maintaining its long, rapier-like form. "Cheap, but not particularly effective. I recommend we split up to surround the target."
The Enforcer, who's obviously been here the whole time. Doesn't want to play at defending herself quite like Athena, being in a single place is anathema to Fate's fighting style and instead, she'd move with the nearly impossible to track speed she's known for. Flames sailing right by and only manging to just barely do a bit to her Barrier Jacket as a few stray embers slam into her. This evasion also has the effect of taking her well into the sky, aiming to get above their foe as she nods to Leonus. "Makes sense, it can't hit all of us at once if we aren't in the same place... In theory, I'll try and cover everyone from up here." How she even be easily heard is questionable, but she can. And the mage would aim to apply a fairly simple attack as her first move, a single electrical beam rushing down through the air without too much effort behind it. Simply testing the waters as it were at the moment. Not sure if you want us to do these but, it can't hurt. Action: Lighting Blast, Medium Elec to one foe. A nice lightweight starting attack.
Morgana does the reasonable thing and uses Athena as a meatshield. Once the flames die down, he attempts to make a dash for the stands so he can get a higher perch. He’ll even climb the walls if he has to... even if he’s still aching from that kick. Morgana will remember this.
A small fly would cling to Fate just barely losing her as she sprinted, seeming to smoke and simmer from the wave of fire but oddly it's form would not burn away, seeming to regenerate as it was disintegrated. Now floating in the air with her the figure would move away slightly before returning to their full size, wings attached to their back that seemed reptilian in nature with pale scales. Most of their body would already have regenerated with the only true indication of damage being in their clothing, specifically the dark colored clock they were wearing was damaged. Revealing another dark outfit underneath that seemed more skin to a military grade bodysuit and silver colored hair under their hood. "I see...I wasn't prepared for that. Do you have a clothing repair tool I can use?"
Not having any efficient means of evading or blocking, the flames strike Nanashi's armor, dealing neutral damage to him. He personally seems unfazed by this, his gaze focused on the direction the attack came in as he sends a large shard of ice back in the same way. "Everyone, try using different elements to find the enemy's weakness!" Action: Bufula, Medium Ice to one foe. I'm doing smirk mechanics on weak hits and crits.
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*Fate and Nanoha attempts to attack would be met with the opponent moving it's heads apart, cauing both to fly in the stands behind it. Locking eyes with you is twin serpentine heads attatched to a lizardlike body. Flames drip from each of it's heads, one looking and Nanashi, Fate and Leonus and the other looking at Athena and Morgana.* Athena: Huh. So it was the Hydra. *Athena looks across the stands to Leonus and nods.* Athena: Then let me get it's attention for you. See if you can behind it. Careful though. It does have two heads. *Athena presses forwards, pulling a spear from a compartment in her shield's back and growing it to full length. Then she leaps in the air, tossing her shield the Hydra and landing in main pitch before catching it.* Athena: You said you could handle something like this, yeah pretty boy? Let's see how your skills back up your mouth. -Battle Start. Vs Lernean Hydra. Player Phase- Athena: Shield Toss (Heavy Physical damage to all foes) OOC: Usually this is the part where I tell you to use element and attack strength (IE Medium Ice) to make it easier for me to keep track of, but Nanashi and Fate are an update ahead of me.
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