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What's the worst cringe you've seen in a video game?
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Based on what I watched of Chuggaconroy’s Xenoblade 2 LP, I’ll say “Blushy-crushy” and leave it at that
The entirety of Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2.
"The elevator was shaking, vibrating with motion"
So I tend to block out the worst memories of good games but its gotta be something from Time and Eternity, and the cringiest thing I can remember is iNew. Yes that's a name that is capitalized like Apple devices for the sake of a joke. They're basically a modern hipster who's really into Yoga and superfoods and similar who you have to deal with to get a plot device and everything they say is super annoying.
voice chat of any game
the entire story of borderlands 3
Can't remember the name of the game, but it was some anime game for the xbox 360, and the voice acting made me wanna shove thumbtacks into my ears or something, and there was a scene where a character died, and one of the characters crying voice made me beg to God that none of my family members walked into the room, it was like normal crying, but without any emotion, and it was one cry at a time, it was like "ah ah ah *sob* *sob*" Absolutely . God . Awful .
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