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Phansite will shut down on December 1
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I regret to inform you that I'll shut down Phansite on December 1 this year. It wasn't an easy decision, but I think it's time. This includes all of Phansite (front page, forums, PMs), additionally the PMs will shut down a little earlier (November 1) I'll try to archive the forum contents (posts, threads, profiles, avatars) and think of a way to store these somewhere else later. Everything else like anon chat messages, all PMs messages, personal information (emails, passwords) etc will be deleted. The site will be inaccessible after December 1 There are various reasons for this like low activity, technical problems I can't fix without rewriting everything, me not having as much time to take care of the site anymore, and damn, it's been over 3 years since this whole thing started. I never intended for this site to function so long, it's been more popular than I anticipated back in 2017, but I feel like it ran its course. It's not a decision I wanted to make, but I had to eventually
Goodnight sweet prince.

Wow. I wasn`s here for long but it`s too saqd.
the final stages of lpw
i may have only found this place last year, but ive loved every moment on the phansite, R.I.P. hopefully the archive will be as stylish as the site. F
Damn. I don't really use the site anymore but still, sad to see it go. Thanks for all the fun Mish, at least we still have the discord.
I love persona 5 and I mean I really REALLY LOVE it. I got into it mainly because of Akira(I call him Akira instead of joker most of the time) being in smash bros and i love that i had this site to share my thoughts feelings and just find people who also like it and I am really grateful to mishima for just making this site in general. I cant wait for scrambled and I'm so happy that persona 5 just exists in general( call me a simp I'll allow it ) mishima your amazing and I'm so glad to have been a part of this fandom and thanks for everything you've done. Rest in piece phansite we'll all miss you but we'll hold you in our hearts forever because you've stolen them. Thanks mishima for everything and for this amazing site Also Ann is best girl
Have a good life mate
*plays Hoshi To Bokura To*
That's hella sad... I only just registered... I hope someone will make a copy or something...
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