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As all things come to an end here, let us not be sad that it ends, but celebrate that it existed. That it has brought us together as a community. Let this site end not with a bang, nor a whimper. Let it end... with a snap. And yes, this is my excuse to bring back the joke about me having the infinity gauntlet. A last laugh. Goodbye everyone. Let's have fun on discord or something later. After all, just because the site gets snapped, that doesn't mean the fun will end.
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But no seriously, there's so many people I didn't meet here because I left to do other things and just didn't come back. I kinda wanna meet everyone and RP more.
There's a discord if you want to do that last thing you mentioned.
You may have the Infinity Gauntlet, but Apollo wields the power of Unfinity
imma keep it real with you i regret making that meme should've made hikaru wield the infinity gauntlet
hey persona fans im new
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